Betrayed by time

The Obama administration’s decision to let the Iranian proxy Hezbollah build a criminal empire in the Americas in exchange for a coveted nuclear deal provides a glimpse into the strategic thinking of the former president.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Who’s surprised?
    He and the rest of the western leaders of post national states, with the help of UN minions of International Fascism moved the entire western world directly into the crosshairs of worlds most evil and pervasive ideology.
    I do not like the crosshairs on me. Not one little bit.

    • The leftist rubes have been played by the Islamic cult like the fools they are. Their “hate Western Civilization” mindset feeds the Islamic cult.

      Obama spent time in a Malaysian madrassa. As president he bent over backwards to push Islamic expansion. He is as much a part of the Islamic cult as ISIS.

      The US may survive the long term spinoffs of the Obama’s presidency. Western Europe won’t be so lucky.

      • Linda1000

        He is a muslim by birth.

      • Cat-astrophe

        The parallel between the west hating left and Islam has no discernable gap between the lines.

  • Alain

    Once one understands that he was and is an enemy of the country and the American people, then it makes sense.

  • Clausewitz

    Obama, thy name is Quisling.