Asylum seekers will be forced to hand over cash and mobile phones under tough new rules unveiled by Austria’s new far-right coalition

The country’s new government has pledged to stop illegal immigration, cut taxes and resist EU centralisation, and will be led by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, at 31 the world’s youngest leader.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Making the very poor migrants hand over all their iPhone X’s to the government is a racist financial hardship! H8rs!

    • deplorabledave

      You betcha.

    • JoKeR

      Some of the migrants are so poor they are force to make do with only Samsung Galaxy S8+’s. The destitute ones only have S7’s!

      • Reader

        I am surprised here in Canada, that the Trudeau doesn’t buy refugees the latest most expensive smartphones.

        I have already heard complaints from some refugees that they don’t have televisions and when asked they want like 84-inch screens.

      • Watchman
    • Observer
    • Watchman

      They’ll just ask for more money to be sent over to buy new ones. How do they really expect to do more than deprive the ‘refugees’ of ‘walking around money’ this way.

      Still, it is a start. I would also ensure that the refugees claimants are kept locked away from all the amenities that nationals enjoy, after all if they were truly in fear of their lives they would accept anything that kept them from being killed, and as soon as it was assessed to be safe, return home.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    This is a good idea.
    If you are an immigrant, you will go to any other country first.

  • Jay Harper

    “…by Austria’s new non-Far-Left coalition.” There, fixed that headline for you.