Article 7: European Union Launches Full Frontal Assault on Poland

European Commission First Vice-president Frans Timmermans has confirmed the EU executive is seeking to impose unprecedented sanctions on conservative Poland.

The 56-year-old insisted that use of Article 7 against Poland — which could see the country stripped of its EU voting rights but still subject to the bloc’s decrees — is a necessary response to the conservative Law and Justice Party government’s attempts to reform what it sees as a corrupt judicial system.

  • bill smith

    Um, double standard much? Poland can form an alliance with UK.. and both can tell the EU to GF-Themselves.

    • tom_billesley

      PM Theresa May is visiting Poland today.

  • mauser 98
  • Dana Garcia

    The sensible countries should get together and exit the EU en masse and start their own club, one that isn’t oppressive.

  • deplorabledave

    President Trump will desiccate this euorotrash crap like he did with the righteousness of his Jerusalem statement.

  • WalterBannon

    the EU is a totalitarian Marxist dictatorship

    Poland needs to throw off their foreign oppressors and get out of the EY

    • A Hamilton Guy

      They had enough with Russia: Why do they have to put up with bullshit?

  • Clausewitz


    • Exile1981


  • robins111

    If they leave I can see Germany sending troops over the border. Not like thats never happened before.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The big difference is that the Polish military is now stronger and more highly motivated than the Bundeswehr.

  • Poland burned the EU.

    Wesołych świąt, everyone.

  • Millie_Woods

    The Europeans never change, they just take different routes to arrive at the same destination. Dominance of the weaker states.

  • Brett_McS

    Talk about a lame bluff. Hungary and the other Visegrad countries will veto this.

  • dapto

    Sieg Heil herr Junker-Hitler

  • Art Deco

    Another piece of evidence, in case we needed one, that the EU is malignant and should be replaced. A customs union, a joint frontier guard supplementing national border guards, and a military alliance would all be salutary institutions that European states could elect to join or depart at their discretion. The rest serves only one goal: replacing the discretion of elected officials with that of smarmy bureaucratic microbes in Brussels.