Amazon pulls DIY circumcision ‘training’ kit


  • Justin St.Denis

    Holy shit! That is genuinely frightening to ponder. That having been said, I at first thought the headline was referencing a DIY circumcision kit as in “how to circumcise yourself with these handy tools”. My legs automatically crossed.

    I am so glad that I was “done” by a pro when I was an infant. Ditto all three of my sons. No DIY circumcisions for my crew!

    • WalterBannon

      I am so mad that I was “done” by when I was an infant.

      No one asked my permission, and to quote the feminists – my body my choice.

      • Exile1981

        sue the government. it was standard practice to do all boys unless parents demand otherwise back in 60-80’s

  • Clausewitz
    • Linda1000

      I like Rod Stewart’s version better.

      • Clausewitz

        Yeah but this is CanCon.

  • David_Martin

    Here’s a couple of good mohel jokes…
    Lady is walking in Jerusalem, catches her high heel on a sewer grate and breaks it off. She hobbles down the street carrying her shoe until she spots a store with a shoe hanging in the window… she walks in and plunks the broken heeled shoe on the counter and says “how much to fix my broken heel?”
    The guy behind the counter replies “How the hell would I know” –
    The lady says “Well you’re a shoemaker…I saw the shoe hanging in your window”
    The guy behind the counter replies “I’m a mohel – I don’t fix shoes”
    The lady says “So why is there a shoe hanging in the window?”
    To which the mohel replies “Lady what exactly should I hang in the window?”
    Old Jewish guy is at the Schvitz (sauna) with his cronies…. invites them to his new grandson’s Bris (circumcision) scheduled for the next day. One of his cronies who’s in the insurance business asks him if he took out Circumcision Insurance in case the Mohel slips.
    The old guy says how much for the premium – his buddy replies $250.
    The next day the insurance salesman says to the old grandfather – so …you never got back to me …”do you want the circumcision insurance policy or not?”
    The grandfather replies – I got a policy elsewhere and it only cost me $100 here see – here’s the policy…
    His buddy the insurance salesman replies “Did you read the fine print – your policy has a 1 inch deductible”…

  • Dave

    And not even April 1st!