WARMINGTON: Questions surround deaths of billionaire couple

Homicide detectives and forensic experts were working hard Monday to solve the bizarre case involving one of Canada’s richest and most philanthropic couples.

And new information offers an even more disturbing look into what a real estate agent and police found in the pool area of their home.

Sources say investigators found the Shermans, side by side, in their windowless pool room, each with a men’s leather belt wrapped around their necks and tied to the pool railing. Both had on jackets that were pulled “behind their backs” and rolled down over their arms.

It is believed the camera in the pool area had been disconnected.

…Meanwhile, police have not commented on a tweet from Steve Paikin, of TVO’s The Agenda, that he had “heard from a trusted source that an alleged law enforcement investigation was closing in on the Shermans.”

  • irishrus

    Their deaths aside, their wealth stinks to high heaven.
    I’m as capitalist as the next guy, but if they wanted to be philanthropists which apparently they were to ritzy fartzy causes, they could have made even cheaper drugs with those ‘billions’ for the common people
    People have to take out loans for many of the drugs today and the newest drug for diabetics with eye disease is a monthly $2000 charge to for whatever’s in the little syringe
    We’re always told how those retail costs are for the high costs of research….. apparently freakin NOT

    Drugs are big bucks alright but not so much for research…. and I’ll never forget then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney for reportedly passing a law that extended patents on cancer drugs and reportedly went on to be honourhory director of some drug companies in his private life

    • Pharma is an often slimy biz.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Jealous much? The Shermans started with virtually nothing, and owed nobody anything, yet became huge philanthropists. You, sir, are an ingrate of the first order.

    • Clausewitz

      Apotex is one of the few companies that has helped to keep the costs of pharmaceuticals within reach of the average man, They took the risk, they reaped the rewards. You have the same opportunities, so shut up and get to work.

  • tom_billesley

    If Toronto Police are openly calling the deaths suspicious, there can’t be a Clinton connection can there?

    … in February the Globe and Mail reported that Lobbying Commissioner Karen Shepherd was investigating a complaint about a 2015 political fundraiser that Trudeau had attended.

    • robins111

      They were involved with the Clintons as they had some sort of deal supplying Pharma to the Haitian disaster. Apparently they worked through the Foundation. I’m betting on Arkacide.

      • Justin St.Denis

        If you research on anything but Canadian websites, the “Arkancide” connection is frequently raised. The Shermans were slated to testify against the Clintons in early 2018 re the Haitian relief efforts and the Clinton Foundation. Other witnesses in the same inquiry are dying/committing suicide just prior to their testimony dates. The Clinton Kill Machine is NOT subtle.

    • No idea where this will head.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    ..a real professional job…

  • andycanuck

    See? I told you they weren’t donating enough to Justin.

  • John

    This is really taking a bizzare twist now. If someone was intent on killing them, then why didn’t they just use a gun?

    Seems to me the killers wanted them to suffer a little.

    • Justin St.Denis

      The use of a firearm would have the Canadian MSM and its sheeple positively shitting themselves with hyperbole. I suspect the hit was ordered by someone who wanted minimal MSM attention (and noise). In Canada, guns draw a lot of MSM attention which then makes a lot of unnecessary noise which we can all live without.