WARMINGTON: Questions surround deaths of billionaire couple

Homicide detectives and forensic experts were working hard Monday to solve the bizarre case involving one of Canada’s richest and most philanthropic couples.

And new information offers an even more disturbing look into what a real estate agent and police found in the pool area of their home.

Sources say investigators found the Shermans, side by side, in their windowless pool room, each with a men’s leather belt wrapped around their necks and tied to the pool railing. Both had on jackets that were pulled “behind their backs” and rolled down over their arms.

It is believed the camera in the pool area had been disconnected.

…Meanwhile, police have not commented on a tweet from Steve Paikin, of TVO’s The Agenda, that he had “heard from a trusted source that an alleged law enforcement investigation was closing in on the Shermans.”