There it is: Democrats now want Al Franken to stay

A CNN reporter said that Manchin also said that Democrats’ call for Franken’s resignation was “most certainly” premature — and that anybody accused should have a thorough investigation.

  • ontario john

    CNN was excited this morning, as the interviewed someone for the group “Feminists for Franken”. Yes, feminists want Franken to stay, because apparently sexual assault is ok if your a leftist. We have the same thing in Canada where you have feminists like Heather Mallick at the Star, and others who think Islam a feminist victory. If this doesn’t make sense, its because it has never been about issues, but about leftists wanting to destroy the West. In other CNN news, nobody likes Trump, Trump’s tax plan is evil, Trump is insensitive to train victims, etc. etc.

  • Hard Little Machine

    That was the plan from the get go. Franken helped with it which is why he didn’t resign. He talked about possibly resigning in the future. Falsely claim the moral high ground before the Alabama election and now that Doug Jones won, there’s no need to follow through.

    Someone should poke at the Lt Gov of Minnesota, former Planned Parenthood bigwig the the governor named to take Franken’s seat. Ask her to spout the obligatory phrases the she ‘really loves her job and is happy to serve in any way she’s needed’ etc etc. It is fascinating that she was not given a single opportunity to speak publicly since she was named. You’d think that someone who’s supposed to fall into a US Senate seat for free would be asked if she had ANYTHING to say. But no. Because none of it was real.

  • Clausewitz

    I posted this possibility about ten days ago. Nothing from a Democrat ever surprises me.

  • Editor

    “Listen and believe!” What the hell happened to “Listen and believe!” President Trump should send a Dear Colleague letter to the Senators.