Remembering Christopher Hitchens

Just one of Christopher Hitchens’ talents would have been enough for most people.

In him those talents — like his passions — all melded into each other: as speaker, writer and thinker. Yet he was more than the sum even of these considerable parts, for he possessed
another talent that was even rarer — a talent for making us, his readers, want to be better people. He used his abilities not to close down questions and ideas, but to open them up. In the
process he made you, the reader, aware that you needed to do more, engage more, think more and know more. Writers often feel a need to impress their readers. Christopher made his readers want to impress the writer.

I remember the exact moment I first heard his name.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Has it been that long?
    I found a 1983 clip of him on CSPAN railing against Ronald Reagan for the invasion of Grenada.
    I think his opinion was dead wrong that day, but it’s wonderful to reminisce and he looks so young, before disease and strong drink aged him so.

  • greenface

    Come on, he spent most of his time pre-9/11 whining about either Mother Theresa, The “October Surprise” or Clinton then morphed into a neo-con.

  • Dana Garcia

    His brilliance is missed in these parts, very true. I was just looking through my audiobooks last week to see if there were any by him I hadn’t heard.

  • Anonymous White Male

    He could be intelligent and the great thing was that liberals had no idea how to handle him. But from the first time I ever saw him to the last, he looked like he had started drinking at noon and had thrown one back just before he got on camera. He had some major issues, apparently.