Refugee Resettlement: The High Cost of Good Intentions

The Refugee Act of 1980 created the official United States Refugee Admissions Program, and like any other government-funded industry, their original mission has long been forgotten. Resettlement policies have devolved into another bureaucracy, where government and non-profit agencies work to protect their jobs and expand “services.”

Currently, legitimate refugees must prove that they are persecuted for one of several reasons: political persuasion, religion, race, etc., but efforts are underway by the refugee industry to expand the definition to anyone moving anywhere for any reason. The latest designation is the “climate refugee:” people escaping changing weather patterns where they live are now “refugees” too.

  • Observer

    Who said this had anything to do with GOOD intentions?

  • tom_billesley

    Austria launches new migrant policy: Benefits cut, phones seized and money taken

  • Watchman

    If you haven’t seen this following video why the US, Canada, Britain, Europe, Australia and pretty much every Western Nation must stop thinking it can solve the world’s poverty problems by accepting third world poor as immigrants.

    In addition, the West get criticised by the SJWs for their colonialism and then plundering these countries of resources: timber, minerals, and cash crops. Yet they seem to be silent on one of the most devastating strip-mining the West is continuing to do on the underdeveloped counties: the theft of these countries best and brightest so as to ensure these countries remain poor and undeveloped.

    The US need to have a point system so that only the best and brightest qualify as immigrants. Then the US must shut this immigration program down to allow these best and brightest to stay in their counties to help them develop.