Pupils at 5,000 Church of England schools get new tick-box forms to report racist and sexual bullying

Church of England schools are to be supplied with tick-box forms allowing pupils and teachers to report transgender bullying.

The forms will give those in nearly 5,000 schools – including a quarter of all primary schools – the means to report pupils, teachers or any other adults who are perceived to be bullying.

A template form gives school staff 11 tick-boxes in which to identify the kind of bullying they say they have seen or suffered – and name a culprit.

Options available include ‘gender identity – transphobic’; ‘gender – sexist bullying’; ‘sexual orientation – homophobic’; ‘sexual orientation – biphobic’; alongside boxes for religious, racist and culture or class bullying.

  • CodexCoder

    Oh, yes, that will solve the problem of bullying (NOT!).

  • It’s time to nuke Britain.

  • Marius K

    Johny ! Stop making those non-specific prejudicial gestures!

  • deplorabledave

    I was bullied when I was in grade 7. Then I met the same two bullies in a gym class in grade 10. We were hitting tennis balls against the wall and they had sent both of theirs on the roof. They approached me and demanded my tennis ball. When I refused one of them sucker punched me. As I went down I swung my tennis racket at the guy as hard as I could. Lucky for him it only hit his wrist and exactly where his watch was smashing it to smithereens. They never bothered me again. I was small then, before my growth spurt. I guess thats why they harassed me. Another fellow would walk beside me in the hall and natter at me. One day as this was happening I dropped my books, grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, threw him against the lockers and told him if he ever bothered me again I would kill him. He nor anyone else ever bothered me again.