Montreal couple cleared of terror charges, man guilty of explosives-related offence

A young Montreal couple accused of planning to leave Canada to go fight with ISIS has been found not guilty of all terrorism-related offences. The man on trial was found guilty of an explosives-related offence.

This is fecked up.

  • Starlord

    Dude looks inbred.

    Since I’m in the Christmas spirit. Why the fuck are they even in Canada.
    Go get the fuck out.
    Live in sharia paradise, get your clit cut off.
    Fuck off and get out of Canada.

    • G2

      He’s a muslim, of course he looks inbred.

  • Observer

    I would have let them leave and on their way out informed them if they ever came back they would be indicted on those charges plus a whole lot more to ensure they never came back.

  • greenface

    Wise move by her not to wear the binliner in court.

    “Instead, he suggested the two were just planning to visit Athens, as tourists.”

    Unbelievable that they swallow these blatant lies.

    • andycanuck

      Just like the “Rev.” Brent Hawkes not wearing his usual disguise of a cross between a Roman Catholic and an Orthodox priest when on trial for kiddie-humping but wearing an ordinary suit and tie instead (if you’re Canadian to know that reference).

      • A Hamilton Guy

        Why did you bring up that scuzzy bastards name?

  • andycanuck

    That sounds as stupid as charging a cop with murder but convicting him of attempted murder.

  • LKurc

    He looks like he is the product of inbreeding. And no doubt the both of them will be of definite benefit to Canada.

  • ontario john

    So she gets off, and he has three charges dropped. Welcome to Sunny Ways Canada, where terrorists are heroes. She will obviously be wanting 10 million dollars and an apology from little Justin.

    • Canadian Born

      You are so right. The cheques are being processed as we speak! When will Canadians take a stand?

    • A Hamilton Guy

      I betcha’ the judge votes lieberal.

      • Alain

        I bet the judge is a Liberal Party member.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Let him leave; he’s to ugly to be Canadian.

  • G2

    Hope they, together or separately, blow some liberal’s asses off – in Quebec. The stupidity of this ruling is breathtaking. They just wanted to go to Greece to see some the roots of Western culture. Who wouldn’t believe that?

    • Watchman

      Maybe they were going to see the damage done to the Parthenon in Athens by the explosion of Ottoman gunpowder in 1687 and see if they can reproduce the effect elsewhere in the West on its famous buildings.

  • Watchman

    So is that going to be another C$10.5 million each in compensation?

  • Gary

    It’s the soft racism of lowered expectation for Muslims. The white Judges know that the 1400 years of inbreeding has created low IQ knuckle dragging wife-beaters and violent thugs that will behead you at work.

    Even Justin is soft on the muslims that joined ISIS because they are really fully human yet and we must look at it as a dog that bites a child where the inner savage comes out.
    The Police even treat muslims like 10th century ignorant peons that we must tolerate for their rapes and child-abuse. In about 400 years the average follower of islam will be in our 17th Century .
    islam hasn’t produced any invention for about 500 years now , it sad that muslims have to make stories for the tour of the 1001 Inventions by islam .