Kuwait Airways’ Ban on Israeli Passengers Challenged in German Court

An Israeli man has appealed against a German court’s decision to uphold Kuwait Airways’ claimed right to ban him from boarding a flight due to his citizenship, a legal decision that triggered uproar in Jewish groups.

The appeal argues that the verdict applied the racist law of a radical, totalitarian regime and allowed it to overrule German national air transportation laws that obligate every air carrier to transport any passenger with valid travel documents.

  • Ed

    Why is the west admitting these savages into their airspace???

    • A Hamilton Guy

      If I was jewish, The only thing I wold put on that plane is dog shit.

      • Alain

        Honestly I do not why any non Muslim would fly with any Muslim airline be he Jewish or not.

  • Solo712

    Geez, what’s the matter with the world? IATA should have immediately stepped in and de-certify the Kuwaiti carrier world-wide until it gets of the high camel!