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Smoked Bloody Mary with Smoked Bacon

Trump demands border wall as ‘Pillar 1’ of National Security Strategy

In his speech, Trump said, “First, we must protect the American people, the homeland and our great American way of life.” Trump said, “This strategy recognizes that we cannot secure our nation if we do not secure our borders. So, for the first time ever, American strategy now includes a serious plan to defend our homeland.”

Windsor police release first graffiti suspect, arrest different man

A different man has been arrested and charged in relation to last week’s Islamic-themed graffiti in Windsor after police released their previous arrest subject.

George Donaldson, a 49-year-old Windsor resident, now faces 16 counts of mischief (property damage).

He was located and taken into custody by Windsor police in the 900 block of Ouellette Avenue on Saturday, around 12:50 p.m.

Police originally arrested a 52-year-old male concerning this case on Friday. That man has since been released with no charges.

Refugees in Canada burn Israeli flags to celebrate Islam on the streets of Canada

A brave Jewish student from UBC, stood strong and proud in support of Israel and Jews at an anti-Israel demonstration at the Vancouver Art Gallery where Muslims flood the streets to burn Israeli flags in a protest against the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Is this what multiculturalism looks like?

Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Canada thanks to the open borders policy of the government of Justin Trudeau which takes immigrants and refugees from all over the world into Canada.

Soon Canada will become Sweden, where Jews can not even walk the street without being attacked.

Far-left post photos of police officers online, leading to accusation of ‘terrorism’

On Sunday evening, the photographs of 54 Berlin police officers who are believed to have taken part in evacuating homes during the G20 raids were published on the internet platform

“We would be pleased about tips regarding where they live or can be met privately,” the platform authors wrote, adding that the police are to blame for the violence during the summit.

After they saw the photos and the threats posed at police officers on the website, the German Police Union (GdP) described the threats as “abominable, defamatory and the result of a fundamental attitude that glorifies and exerts violence.”

White Genocide Is Official EU Policy

Brussels has said that Europeans must accept mass migration from the third world as the “new norm”, warning that neither walls nor policies will allow any part of the EU to remain “homogenous and migration-free”.

“It’s time to face the truth. We cannot and will never be able to stop migration,” writes EU Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos, in a piece for POLITICO, published Monday entitled, “Europe’s Migrants Are Here to Stay”.

The eternal Canadian quest for the perfect snow shovel

As I write, poor old Newfoundland is about to be walloped by its first big snowfall of the season. Of course, at this time of year in Canada, there’s almost always someone somewhere digging out from a blizzard.

Last week, Windsor, Ont., claimed a record snowfall, and travellers around the Great Lakes were being warned to expect another blast of snowy weather. Montreal was forced to crank up what is certainly one of the world’s most astonishing and efficient snow-removal operations.

​In Canada, snow and the trouble it causes make for a multibillion-dollar business. So, I asked myself as I did my own battle with the white stuff last week, why can’t I find the perfect snow shovel? I am not alone.