BONOKOSKI: Just a ‘young crying white girl’, says CBC panelist

There is little doubt I would be accused of all sorts of nasty things, including a racist, if I were to go on national public television and call Vicky Mochama “a young crying black girl.”

So, I won’t, although she is young, and she is black, and none of this should matter. Except it does in this case.

Who is Vicky Mochama, you ask?

She will likely be troubled you don’t know.

  • robins111
  • LairdKintyre

    One would think these immigrants who came from hellholes like Kenya would show a little gratitude and respect for this Nation and its People. Mochamba feel free to hop on the next plane back to where you come from and probably all will be better off.

    • But I think you misspelled her name. It’s Muchachupa (“Sucks-a-lot” Sp.).

      • LairdKintyre

        Who cares how anyone spells it? Its a jibberish name. The folk in her country dont even have a written language. Yet she dares tell the people in her host country how to live.

      • Uncommunist


  • Uncommunist

    On display for public viewing is the cumulative effect of feminism and leftism on every campus in the west; a cult of personality disorders.

  • ontario john

    No different than the CBC always having Big Chief Pam of the famous Ryerson University tribe on, ranting about how Canadians are racist bastards.

  • Ed

    Lefties all want to be in the west. Because its better here. And distilled, their message is this…

    “Everything good in the world is your fault.”

  • Oracle9

    Avoid CBC. Paying taxes to fund this abomination, plus the communist takeover of the Canadian government and its disgusting biased policies makes me want to get the hell out of this country. Even the US looks attractive.

  • Waffle

    I feel bad for Lindsay, but not for the reasons you may think.

    In her 22 years she has been so brainwashed by layer upon layer of leftism and progressivism that it is truly remarkable that she retains a glimmer of common sense and an innate morality that is struggling against all odds to be heard.

    Right now, Lindsay’s problem is how to deal with the unfolding awful reality. How does one cope with the fact that almost everything you have been told is a lie? How do you cope with the fact that many conservatives do not have horns? How do you cope with the fact that those people you thought were friends and colleagues just yesterday now think that you are a bigoted racist.

    That’s a hell of a burden to shoulder.