Wilfrid Laurier admits it mishandled Lindsay Shepherd academic freedom case

“Mishandled” is new for Kangaroo Kourt I guess. No complaint was filed by anyone. This was just a set up by vile leftist academics.

Here is the official Laurier President’s statement.

  • Waffle

    At the very least, she needs a new supervisor. Also, damages should be awarded because the well has been poisoned. I think that McClacy’s legal advisers have suggested that she get out in front of the situation as damages are a distinct possibility.

    • I hope she gets a big Payday.

      • Watchman

        Unfortunately she really is a Progressive and SJW in most other respects.

        • andycanuck

          Yes, she’s a self-admitted Leftist as I saw in an early tweet of hers.

          I hope she rethinks her views given her treatment by “her” side just for showing both sides of an issue.

  • Brett_McS

    Actually, while listening to the Kangaroo Kourt where Lindsay asks how many people complained and the Komissars wouldn’t answer, “zero” was my immediate guess.

  • CodexCoder

    I had suspected all along that there was no complainant in the Shepherd case. All of the three employees that grilled Shepherd over the non-existent complaint should be dismissed to send a message to the rest of the herd that lying is not acceptable under any circumstance. Their actions are despicable. If a student had lied in similar fashion, they would have faced harsher sanctions than that trio. And crowing about opportunity is not a solution, but wishful thinking because that which is rewarded is repeated.

    • They should be fired and very publicly. It’s sick that our tax dollars support such monsters.

  • Watchman

    “I’m here to set the record straight”
    “Lindsay Shepherd is lying and her sound recording has been manipulated in order to make us look bad.”

    “we are taking decisive action to ensure these events will not be repeated.”
    “Surreptitious recording of meetings without the written consent of all present will are punishable by immediate and irrevocable termination of employment for the person who made the recording.”

    “In fact, the meeting never should have happened at all.”
    “A note should instead have been placed in her HR file to never consider her as an employee.”

    “No formal complaint, nor informal concern relative to a Laurier policy, was registered about the screening of the video.”
    “Students will be regularly asked if any of their TAs, lecturers or even students exhibit non-PC language and we will assist any student with doubts or concerns to fill out an official complaint.”

    “Going forward, we will implement improved training and new procedures and engage in a very specific administrative review to strengthen and enhance confidence in what students and employees can expect at Laurier.”
    “From now on it will be all Progressive, all SJW, all Socialist and Communist. Just like we, as employees expect.”

    • simus1

      Thanks for your expert interpretation of the boilerplate “translation” intended to lull the masses.
      Many people seem to have a great deal of difficulty grasping the concept that words are colourless poor things without explaining their originator’s cultural mindset.

  • felis gracilis

    “For those who have chosen to use this incident as an indictment of Wilfrid Laurier University or the plight of Canadian universities in general, I say your assertion is unreasonable and unfounded,” she wrote.
    Sorry McClatchy, we have just seen too many incidents of suppressed speech on our Canadian campuses to believe you on this.

  • disqusW6sf

    Oh yes, Jordan Peterson noted the following CBC segment listed in the Toronto Sun:http://torontosun.com/news/national/bonokoski-just-a-young-crying-white-girl-says-cbc-panelist- Vicky Mochama said those words on the CBC. There is a video included in the Sun and the segment begins about 6:10 – 8
    Oh, and nothing will happen to Mochama. Nothing.

    • kkruger71

      The lady after her was no better and arguably worse. This story/person is being “co-opted by the right”, “the right is using her”, etc. Seeing this a lot lately where simply saying something is from “the right” dismisses the entire argument. Not only is it an ad hominem, it’s an ad hominem where the dismisal is simply because the person is not far left.

  • Editor

    Again, Laurier concentrates on the how and not the why. Why did Rambukana, Pimlott and Joel decide to persecute Lindsay Shepherd. That’s what needs to be answered and justified.

  • No, these guys were caught and tried weaseling out of it.

    Stop funding these universities. THAT gets their attention.

  • vwVwwVwv

    Rape is Rape, he Sexually Assaulted her rights, he should step down.

  • Ed

    “…The statement said the investigation said that using a video clip for “the purposes of an academic discussion is a reasonable classroom teaching tool,” as long as the discussion around it is in context and relevant to the course…”

    There the weasels go again. “As long as it is in context.” Translation. As long as you make clear Jordan Petersen’s views are odious and beyond the pale.

    Dear students. Avoid this school.