What Is Really to Blame for Palestinian Violence?

At a rally in Orlando, Florida shortly after U.S. President Donald Trump’s historic declaration recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, an activist at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)-sponsored event ranted, “[Jews] are the crappiest piece of shit on this planet.”

The activist was Said Lufti, uncle of Rasha Mubarak, Orlando Regional Coordinator for CAIR-Florida, and one the protesters in attendance, many of whom were wearing keffiyehs [checkered men’s headscarves] and waving Palestinian flags.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Arabs are. It’s not what they do it’s who they are.

    • John Boy

      Plus fourteen centuries of inbreeding doesn’t help.

  • Watchman

    Question: What Is Really To Blame For Palestinian Violence?
    Answer: The muslim prophet Muhammad.

    Ittarted with his hatred of the Jews who mocked him and wouldn’t join his religion and treat him like a Jewish Messiah. Muslims including muslim ‘Palestinians’ are taught that Jews are the worst sort of people and that they must be all killed before the end of the world. If the Jews abandoned Israel and they all moved elsewhere this would not save them from eternal muslim hatred and violence.

    • J. C.

      Nah, they were always violent. All Mo did was convince them that their bad behaviour was approved by god…

  • Dana Garcia

    Who ever said diverse immigration was a good idea?

    Oh, right, it was the Democrats.

    • Observer

      In Canada, it is the Liberals, NDP and red Tories.

    • Alain

      Actually it has always been the globalists, and of course they find their home in all radical leftist politicial parties.

      • Frances

        And ensure they live in communities where there is the minimum chance that any negative effects of said diverse immigration will be felt.

      • Dana Garcia

        Right, because diversity creates conflict which keeps the little citizens busy day to day with no time to consider the big political picture.

  • Alain

    We need to stop playing the lying game of referring to this group of Arabs as “Palestinians”. There never has been a people called Palestinians.

  • Gary

    Here’s the CAIR-Florida leaflet they handed out that asks msulims to NOT help the FBI.
    This is how the Orlando Pulse club slaughter was able to happen.