Toby Guise: Let’s call Islamo-fascism what it really it — Islamo-Stalinism

We should definitely import this by the barrel full!

Because Fascism did what it said on the tin, it did not share the others’ reliance on the Big Lie. Stalin’s heavily fortified “Frontier of Peace”—known to us as the Iron Curtain—echoes the historical Islamic distinction between the House of Peace (Muslim lands) and the House of War (everyone else). The “Anti-Imperialist” expansionism of contemporary Islamist terror is also reminiscent of the USSR’s “Anti-Imperialist Empire.” Both further employ peaceful forms of address —brother, sister —within militarized societies. The Nazis got straight to the point with “Hail victory.”

h/t FF

  • Observer

    It’s not Islamo-fascism or Islamo-Stalinism since it predates both. It is only Islam in its essence. It is the two others that borrowed from Islam.

    • Strictly, speaking yes.

      Do they resemble one another? Also, yes.

  • There are quite a few commonalities with Islamism and Stalinism, yes.

  • ismiselemeas

    Just because two completely fucked up ideologies share a few traits doesn’t mean that they’re borrowing from each other, it just means that they’re completely fucked up. Islam and Nazism on the other hand share common cause by design, the elimination of Jewry.