The vile Linda Sarsour accused of covering up sex abuse

Controversial Muslim activist and Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour bullied an underling to cover up sex-abuse allegations in her Brooklyn office, a report said.

Asmi Fathelbab told blog The Daily Caller that a man repeatedly rubbed his crotch on her while she worked for the association under Sarsour in 2009.

But when Fathelbab reported the abuse, Sarsour — a self-proclaimed feminist and co-founder of the Women’s March organization — fat-shamed the woman and threatened blacklist her from political jobs, the woman told the webiste.

“She oversaw an environment unsafe and abusive to women,” said Fathelbab. “Women who put [Sarsour] on a pedestal for women’s rights and empowerment deserve to know how she really treats us.”

  • moraywatson

    Muslim feminist. Because every six year old girl should have the right to marry.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But it isn’t abuse under Sharia Law!

    • Bless his heart

      You understand. No Sharia problem here.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Now THAT is interesting. Let’s see how the left’s favorite Jew hating woman hating Muslim fares.

  • Tooth&Claw

    This does not surprise me. Islam hates women, Linda hates what Islam hates.

  • Allan

    Why is that surprising? Don’t you know that any time a woman gets assaulted by a Muslim, it is ALWAYS THE WOMAN’S FAULT?

  • John

    She is true to form. Islamic patriarchy only exists and thrives because the ‘submales’ ( there are no women…just submales in Islam) consistently do each other in à la Sarsour. Back in the late 70s when the Mullahs in Iran ordered women to veil, the veiling enforcers were almost exclusively women. To this day in Iran, those enforcers are all women. So when submales like Sarsour act on their internalized patriarchal sentiments and smack other Muslim women around, as it were, the males don’t have to lift a finger.

  • JoKeR
  • Gary

    I still say that her poor make-up skills spells TRANNY. This is why she spews the hatred for the USA and Jews…it’s to save her neck so the islamsits in the USA don’t kill her.