The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook

May as well have been a Muslim.

An ambitious U.S. task force targeting Hezbollah’s billion-dollar criminal enterprise ran headlong into the White House’s desire for a nuclear deal with Iran.

In its determination to secure a nuclear deal with Iran, the Obama administration derailed an ambitious law enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah, even as it was funneling cocaine into the United States, according to a POLITICO investigation.

The campaign, dubbed Project Cassandra, was launched in 2008 after the Drug Enforcement Administration amassed evidence that Hezbollah had transformed itself from a Middle East-focused military and political organization into an international crime syndicate that some investigators believed was collecting $1 billion a year from drug and weapons trafficking, money laundering and other criminal activities.

Over the next eight years, agents working out of a top-secret DEA facility in Chantilly, Virginia, used wiretaps, undercover operations and informants to map Hezbollah’s illicit networks, with the help of 30 U.S. and foreign security agencies.

  • It’s simple. We already have criminal enterprise statutes. Islam is a (cult) criminal enterprise.

    American RICO statutes (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) were intended to go after the mafia. The acts of Islamic mullahs and jihadis clearly falls into the same pattern as the mafia. The only difference being, Islam’s claim of an oddball form of “religious legitimacy”.

    The US should use the RICO statutes to, declare Islam, a criminal enterprise. Then close Islam down as it presently exists in the US.

    RICO allows the government to follow crime and money. Then, arrest all, and confiscate anything in its path.

    You can be sure the movement of money for jihad is widespread. You can be sure the incitement and communication between mullahs and mosques is wide spread. You can also be sure there is foreign involvement. The RICO statutes were made just for this type of activity.

    Use a small army of CPAs and attorneys to investigate every jihad attack. Follow 100% of the money back to its source. Track anyone involved, in any way. Then use the RICO statutes to jail, confiscated, and shut down all involved. That includes:

    M1 – Shutting down mosques involved in any jihad attack.
    M2 – Arrest mullahs involved.
    M3 – Follow, and confiscate, all jihad money back to its source.

  • Solo712

    While I have no admiration for Obama and his handling of Iran and the Middle East, the idiocy in allowing Hezbollah grow and prosper falls squarely on the Reagan administration. It was his administration that lost nerve and withdrew from Beirut in 1983 after Hezbollah massacred over 250 American (and some 50 French) Marines by detonating their barracks. Instead of wiping out the abomination without a moment’s hesitation, the US allowed itself to be humiliated and never again regained any real respect in the region…..this long before Barack Obama’s exceptional contribution to the demise of US influence in the ME.

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  • simus1

    Fighting muslim terrorism with police style tactics, trials, and prisons is stupid.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Just shoot the bastards and don’t brag about it.

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    He is a Muslim. He wears a ring that has “There is no god but Allah” engraved in Arabic on it.

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