Justin Trudeau’s dwindling support is a wake up

The more they know, they less they like. That seems to be the Canadian public’s attitude towards Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, at least according to a new poll out from Angus Reid Institute.

  • Ed

    Oh Christ, now we’re going to hear Sophie sing the blues.

  • ontario john

    And feminist Trudeau is caught lying again. The CBC reports that those figures he gave in Question Period regarding the number of CRA cases against overseas tax cheats, were actually cases against small business owners. Yes after ranting how he is going after tax haves, its actually small business owners that the focus has been.

    • ntt1

      Tell me about it I use professional Chartered accountancy to file all my returns and they stand by their work. Yet every year CRA refutes the returns and demands ludicrous sums as unpaid accounts and every year my accountants at my expense have to point out CRAs errors .I have never had to pay any outstanding amount accessed by CRA but all the incompetence still costs me time and fees. The GST/HST wonks are even more incompetent one year they demanded 11,000 dollars as an estimate, I had paid my carefully hoarded gst monies per quarter and owed nothing,yet here was a demand letter that was completely false. It is constant harassment like this that costs everybody time and money

      • Exile1981

        I go through similar issues every year.

        • A Hamilton Guy

          They are in the union; you can’t fire the bastards.

  • robins111

    I’m always dubious over these ‘professional polls’ done by reputable firms.

    I’ve been doing AR polls for years, and if you don’t meet the criteria for being a bobble head, you get booted from that question right sharpish.

    It apparent to them your political leanings after a few polls and if you lean a little to the right, you get booted form political polls, faster than a wino getting turfed, from a liberal fund raiser..

  • Bless his heart
    • Observer

      And most of the other 10% are employed helping to bring in more refugees and immigrants from their countries or to get them free services in Canada either not available to poor Canadians or they are given priority ahead of Canadians.

      • Bless his heart

        I realize that ever since Canada chose to destroy its high tech aviation industry by literally destroying the AVRO factory and the AVRO Arrow and all of its jobs, in exchange for budget room for welfare and buying a worthless anti-missile missile from the USA it was all downhill. The US built BOMARC was worthless. The industry and world class bomber interceptor still, theoretically, could be equal to its intended job. The advances and jobs lost since then are nation shattering. So Trudeau says that Canada has no culture or national identity. It once had one. A marvelous one.

        Canada assumed a subordinate position not equal to the people in it then. Now deluded sociopaths import invaders and pay for them to conquer Canada according to Sharia.

        Incredible. An Obama clone is what Trudeau is. At least Tredeau is limiting his evil to Canada. Hillary, Obama, and the globalists are invading Europe to conquer it as junkers, Sutherland, and others have said is intended. No national boundaries in a new Muslim Europe is the intention stated.

        All per Sharia.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Don’t worry Team Trudeau™ will come up with enough program give-aways before the 2019 election to make us all happy and to get another majority with.

    I am sure we can borrow tens of billions to improve our economy and give everybody what they dream of.

    How about pot in every chicken?

  • Art Deco

    Obama accession followed by Trudeau’s are indicators that a critical mass of the electorate in both countries has an approach to public life which is frivolous.

    The Canadian electorate can rectify its mistake by doing to the Liberals what they did to the Tories in 1993. (And, if the Tories have any sense, divorce negotiations will begin when the new PM is sworn in. It took the Czechs and the Slovaks only about 5 months when they got down to the task).

  • Why did anyone support this walking poster-child for no drugs during pregnancy anyway?