Greed, Hollywood-Style

The death of the motion-picture business as founded has been on the horizon since the Industry learned all the wrong lessons from the success of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws back in 1975. Whereas theaters had once touted air-conditioning as the prime means of putting fannies in the seats when the weather outside was steamy, the “summer blockbuster” now enticed them with chills and thrills. When Jaws begat Star Wars and the customers were shelling out record sums of money to watch what used to be called “B” movies, the moguls were quick to respond.

  • Watchman

    “pictures chucked into theaters just before Christmas in order to qualify for “awards season” Oscars. Civil-rights dramas, coming-of-age movies (by which read: first sexual experience), and gay coming-of-age movies ”

    Strange, I don’t remember “Porky’s” being nominated for any category in the 1981 Oscars. “Ordinary People” was the winner of Best Film that year and we all fondly remember that, don’t we,…

  • Dink Newcomb

    Up until the fairly rapid social/economic/cultural changes of the post WWII era, movies were seen as fantasy stuff to help us forget about the miseries of life like the great depression– not fantasy stuff to be viewed as the new handbook of life procedures. Bigger, stupider, more violent, more attacks on moral standards, lower bar on strength of character– this is not entertainment any more!