Fight breaks out at vigil for missing Muslim woman

Emotions boiled over at a candlelight vigil held in downtown Edmonton Sunday evening for teacher and mother Nadia Atwi. The vigil ended in violence within minutes of starting.

Dozens had turned out for the vigil organized by family members in the 32-year-old’s honour at Churchill Square after loved ones and the community had been searching tirelessly since the woman disappeared more than a week ago.

During one of the speeches, Atwi’s husband confronted a woman who was speaking and threw down his candle and walked away. Moments later, an argument started behind the group that was gathered there.

Mayhem broke out as the group scattered, shouting began and several people screamed in shock as Atwi’s husband, Ali Fneich, was chased into the street by at least one man. People also began shouting accusations and profanity.

  • moraywatson

    Shocka! The religion of peace on display once again. Not only in Canada, you say. Pity.

  • Watchman

    Why do I get the feeling that the fight is really over suspicions about what actually happened to the wife and the husband is angry about the publicity that might lead to more police attention and scrutiny of him?

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      I think your suspicions are correct.
      Her family knows that hubby offed her and are mad at him, but not mad enough to actually tell the police.
      He probably violated protocol by not running the whole killing before the local tribal jirga before he drowned her in the toilet.

    • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

      According to people who were there, it started when he tried to stop a woman he didn’t like speaking and then others started called him a murderer.
      That’s the husband running around and then into the vehicle.

      From what I can gather, she doesn’t wear the Hijab all the time and has gone missing several times before. Missing posters show her dressing both western
      and with a Hijab.

      • Watchman

        Well for the very devout muslim that’s a sure sign of apostasy, the penalty for which is summary death by any muslim.

    • Miss Trixie
    • andycanuck

      And a real news source might have reported that or investigated that and told us. Alas, not in any MSM in the West, anywhere, any more.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    So, was this an honor killing ‘gone wrong’?

    whatever the cause, this is some epic vibrancy that is sure to make Canada stronger as it becomes more diverse. Just read this part from the story.

    “Fneich (the missing woman’s husband) ran to a nearby van, which was then swarmed by several people. One man threw a candle, while a woman swung another candle at Fneich, who was being shielded by several other people around the vehicle.
    A man approached aggressively with a megaphone to hit someone and there was pushing and shoving.
    The situation was loud and chaotic, and the reason for it not immediately clear, WITH PEOPLE SHOUTING IN SEVERAL DIFFERENT LANGUAGES, and dogs barking and whimpering. Someone also began blowing a whistle and a car horn could be heard blaring.”

  • Mr. Meow

    I really hope they find this woman, but it’s more than likely she ran away (due to spousal abuse) or she’s the victim of an honor killing. You’re dealing with people whose mindset is stuck in the 6th century and they’ve been catapulted into the 21st. They skipped the Middle-ages, the Renaissance and the Enlightenment and went right from the camel to the Mercedes in one generation. Their brains can’t handle concepts like feminism, equality of the sexes and human rights. That’s why something as simple as a vigil turns into a total shit-show, it’s completely foreign to them.

    • Watchman

      Maybe they are just mad that under Shari’a law, man is only allowed to beat the wife† and is not allowed to kill her, whereas the father of his wife is allowed to kill er without penalty††.

      In other words is this just a dispute about who was allowed to kill the wife, not ‘if’?

      †: Qur’an Sura 4:34
      ††: The Reliance of the Traveller Chapter O1.2(4), certified by al-Azhar University in Cairo as “conforming to the faith and practice of the orthodox Sunni Community”.

  • Dana Garcia

    What’s an assemblage of muzlims without a fight? It’s practically required.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Fuck them all and boil them all in tar.

  • ontario john

    Diversity is our strength!!

  • Literally Hitler

    We need to import more inbred mohammedans. Soon every street corner will look like this. But without the Christmas lights.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    She’s either buggered off somewhere, to Kasabonika, to escape her Mohammad, or she’s already been served as take-out kebabs…

  • k1962

    She’s bipolar and doesn’t have her meds. She’s probably committed suicide. The side show is just Muslims not getting along with each other, nothing new.

  • John

    It’s mentioned that the missing women is bi-polar. Perhaps she isn’t alone…

    Yesterday she was the prophet’s daughter, Today she crossed the Strait of Gibraltar Tomorrow she’ll be The Queen of Spain!

  • Gary

    My gut tells me it was an honour killing . We had the case of the pakistani immigrants that murdered their daughter and buried the body near the shore line of Lake Ontario at the park .
    The school asked where the child was and they said she has been sick for awhile.

    But the body was found and then came more lies. The parents tried to behead the 7 year old daughter which failed and she still bled to death.
    Their lawyer tried to claim that the daughter committed suicide to behead her self . Later he claim that his client was allowed to do it under Sharia.

    Sick bastards from a 7th century death-cult .