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Trudeau uses government grants to push transgender pronouns

The agreement requires employers to adhere to Bill C-16, meaning they would have to use made up “genderless” pronouns like zhe and zher…

That’s what got Professor Peterson so revved up — he opposed being compelled to say things he didn’t believe. That’s a violation of the most basic principles of personal liberty.

Illinois: Muslim Students at Catholic Univ Complain Christmas Gets Too Much Attention

Muslim students who knew they were enrolling into a Catholic university are now expressing dismay that come Christmas time, the campus is decorated for the holiday season. They want Islamic holidays to receive the same attention even though they represent just a small fraction of the entire student population.

Montreal seeks to lead responsible artificial-intelligence research

Should a computer give medical advice? Is it acceptable for the legal system to use algorithms in order to decide whether convicts get paroled? Can an artificial agent that spouts racial slurs be held culpable?

And perhaps most pressing for many people: Are Facebook and other social media applications capable of knowing when a user is depressed or suffering a manic episode – and are these people being targeted with online advertisements in order to exploit them at their most vulnerable?

National Arts Centre cuts scenes from play after First Nations man alleges cultural appropriation

Ottawa’s National Arts Centre has issued an apology and deleted scenes from a play following accusations of cultural appropriation by a Saskatchewan First Nations man.

Gabriel Dumont’s Wild West Show, which is co-produced by the NAC, featured scenes depicting Chief Poundmaker that the curator of the museum dedicated to his legacy in Saskatchewan says are historically inaccurate.

New York Safe Act: Renew Your Permit and Register All Your Guns or Face Confiscation

We live in a nation that is the main stage of security theater, the promise that if we will take off our shoes to get on an airplane, hand over our drivers’ licenses to buy cold medicine, and tolerate bans and restrictions on a constitutionally enumerated right to save the children, the Millennium will arrive, and we will all be at peace.

Except that plenty of nations have strict gun control and homicide rates that are far higher than ours. And some nations with strict gun laws have rates that are lower than ours. The classic saying is that correlation doesn’t prove causation, but when correlation doesn’t exist, there certainly isn’t evidence for a cause.