Brusselscrat: EU Too White, Mass Third World Migration Must Be ‘New Norm’

Brussels has said that Europeans must accept mass migration from the third world as the “new norm”, warning that neither walls nor policies will allow any part of the EU to remain “homogenous and migration-free”.

  • Ed

    This fuckhead has no idea how effectively he’s fanning the flames of a massive blow back.

    • Alain

      I only hope there is a massive blow back, but I would not count on it any more than one in Canada for the same reason.

      • Drunk by Noon ✓

        If all manner of things have not righted themselves by the time Trump leaves office, then I’ll decree peaceful change impossible at this time.

    • Watchman

      “This fuckhead has no idea…”
      My fear is that he does, and does want it so that the state can step in and create a repressive society that closely emulates George Orwell’s 1984.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    I think we have just crowned a winner, out of the finalists, for the 2018 “Literally Worse Than Hitler” contest!

  • Observer

    Iran has its own plans for EU functionaries once Europe is part of the Iranian Caliphate.

  • HalcyonDaze

    Nice to see the old fuck will be long gone before the fruits of his continent destroying policies actually come to fruition. But on the plus side, I’m sure his grand children will be extremely happy to serve their new masters as dhimmi while enjoying all the benefits that come with that exalted status.

  • tom_billesley

    We can cut down on the number of rape convictions of migrants, by using the Pakistan method of investigation.

    • Watchman

      So the future solution is to require every female to participate in a “Slut Walk” and be photographed in case it’s ever needed to exonerate her rapist?

  • moraywatson

    But I thought the socialists were against cultural appropriation !!!???

  • Grey hair is supposed to symbolize wisdom, but this doofus is obviously an exception. Why has he also not noticed that Africa is “too black”, Asia is “too yellow”, Latin America is “too brown”, and Aboriginal societies are “too red”?

    These morons act as if the natural demographic evolution of different races, cultures, and ethnicities throughout history was because a bunch of white bigots got together and “conspired” to make it that way. In fact it evolved that way naturally, and different peoples intermingle at the level they feel their different cultures can be negotiated — its a personal negotiation not something the State can impose. The only people “conspiring” to do anything race-based are the social engineer morons in the E.U.

    • Watchman

      All animals exhibit a preference for associating with similar looking animals – it’s completely natural. Those that didn’t, didn’t reproduce, so there is a strong evolutionary pressure for this to be carried forward. The progressives seem hell bent on fighting against genetics right now, e.g. male/female genders, veganism, and demanding that you preferentially associate with people quite unlike you.

  • Martin B

    For some reason no one ever stands up to tell us that Nigeria is too black or India is too brown or China is too yellow.

  • Watchman

    He seems either to have no idea why we talk about Western Civilization and not ‘Global Civilization’. Either that or he is one of these Marxist progressives who believe our Western Civilization must die in screaming agony so that a Communist Utopia will magically arise from its ashes and littered bodies. I bet he doesn’t live within the third world-immigrant slums in Brussels nor has any daily interaction with them.

  • Dana Garcia

    Unfortunately the desired migrant units bring a very hostile culture and are not willing to assimilate.

    • Alain

      That is what he and his like are counting on.

  • Gary

    Can’t help but think how prophetic the South Park show Goo Backs was.
    A time-machine becomes a blessing when the earth has a massive population with poor people by the lack of jobs and cheap labour where those with jobs work to buy food and pay rent.
    The time machine is set for the turn of the 21st Century where the History books told about jobs in the USA and plenty of food and cheap houses.

    Here’s the kickers…..Humans cross breed so much from tolerance and Diversity to end racism that every one of the Goo Backs exiting the Time Portal are bald, thin beige and void of an overt gender or sex .
    There are no more Races on Earth and no more Poor people as a Class in society because the rich are gone and everyone lives at about the same Standard.
    It also looked like Abortion and Science for Genetics wiped out the disabled plus Dwarfism and Acromaglia because all of the adult were about 5 foot 8 .

    I hope Blacks , Asians and Natives take a good look at the Liberals and their vision for the future on Earth that is just one more of their ‘ Good Intentions’ where Justin has now apologized to the victims ( 4 apologizes so far ) under the oppression of the Canadian Government with a Liberal PM that meant well .
    Justin is now flooding Canada with 10th century islamists that condone FGM, wife-beating,child-bride pedophilia , homophobia to kill gays and don’t see the rape on women as a crime.
    35 years from now another Liberal PM with apologize for what Justin did that got thousands of women and little girls raped and gays murdered .

    • Liberal Progressive

      We Liberals never make any mistakes!

      We only apologize for that others have done, as we being peacemakers and moral are the only ones who make amends for all the evils of others.

  • Watchman

    The writer of this “just lie back and think of England†” advice, EU Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos, “is married to Vivian, by whom he has two sons, Filippos and Iasonas.”

    He must really hate his sons, and hate his unborn grandchildren and great-grandchildren to be doing this to them. Maybe he has planned a family bolthole where he thinks his family will be safe forevermore.

    The reason I looked is because in so many cases the European elite that want unlimited immigration are childless and thus don’t have any stake in ensuring that Europe keeps its ethics, morality and culture beyond their lifetimes.

  • canminuteman

    I can’t get my head around what the hell they are thinking? Why are they doing this? How do they think it will work out?

    • Sekigahara

      Implementing the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan? … check it out. I’m not one for conspiracy plans but what is happening in Europe is not happenstance.

      • canminuteman

        Just read up on it. That might be the theory, but it sure as hell isn’t going to work out like they want it to, and this self styled elite will find themselves swinging from lamp posts, either at the hands of their own people or the muzzies who weren’t factored into the plan.

        • Sekigahara

          I tend to agree with you on the outcome of this but nevertheless the end result is the total destruction of Europe. Take a look (YouTube) at these characters:
          Barbara Lerner Spectre
          Noel Ignatiev
          Anetta Kahave

          Brave new world indeed

    • I’m with you, difficult to rationalize. From a pragmatic perspective the only thing I can think of is it will create tons of jobs for the publicly-funded Social Service industry, which by extension will require bigger taxes to pay for it. Plus votes — so long as the migrants remain “low-information” voters and are kept blissfully ignorant about the fact that they are political pawns being bribed by politicians. If they can keep the migrants happy in their position of being “leeches”, in a society which many of them already fundamentally despise and would collect a “Jizzya” tax if they could, then I guess they figure it’s a recipe for success.

      Ultimately it gives the militant Left power — always their only goal in the big picture of things. And without a permanent “victim” group, Marxist ideology collapses in on itself.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I agree. Europe must be black brown Muslim and stupid.

  • J. C.

    Should anyone murder this traitorous bastard, I’ll gladly contribute to their defence fund…

    Unless they’re a Muzzie, then f**k ’em…

  • felis gracilis

    Mass migration to Europe = Genocide of Autochthonous Europeans. This axxhole is literally preaching mass suicide. He is the Jim Jones of his era. Or should I call him Dmitri Jonesopoulos?

    • Watchman

      Most Greeks dislike muslims because of their enslavement under muslim Ottoman rule for centuries.

      • felis gracilis

        Most Greeks do not live in the rarified “progressive” environment of Brussels bureaucrats. At this point in his career he is more Eurocrat than Greek. Who knows, he may well have been an alien to most Greeks for a long time now.

  • DMB
  • John

    Looks like Rodney Dangerfield…but with less than a tenth of Rodney’s brains.