Anti-Israel extremists are suing The Rebel

Please help: The Rebel, and me personally are being sued by an anti-Israel extremist group. And the lawyer they’re using just happens to also be suing the government on behalf of an illegal Muslim terrorist group.

And he’s campaigning for Canada’s M-103 Islamophobia censorship motion, too.

That’s who’s coming for us.

It’s lawfare.

  • And people thought that Motion 103 would be fair.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    So “5 year trap” Ezra has found himself in a 5 year trap.

    Whatever happened to the thousands of dollars raised for the App?

  • Gary

    When Sheema Khan was at CAIR, she tried to shut down a Quebec radio station because a Guest on a talk show exposed how her islamic org was diverting some of the donations to a fake islamic charity in the US that sent the money to hamas.
    Ms.Khan ( aka con-job Khan ) tried to sue the person saying the truth about CAIR as if to silence them….. but they didn’t bow to this islamofascist and bide their time until it went to Court.
    Just days before a Judge was to open the file for the defendant to show how CAIR was funding hamas ….Con-job Khan pulled her lawsuit and slithered away back to the den of fellow saudi supporters wanting sharia in canada.
    Sheema Khan’s signature was on the application for the CRA to grant CAIR the Charity Status as a civil Rights group and she declared that CAIR-Canada was a chapter of CAIR-USA . The CBC gave her hours of free Air-Time for CAIR to do dawah as Khan claimed she was the voice for moderate muslims in canada.
    She jumped ship from CAIR and now pretends she never knew that CAIR was funding hamas , CAIR changed it’s name and is now the NCCM which is behind M-103 sharia blasphemy laws to jail people for offending allah and muhammad.

    Here’s a photo of Sheema Khan’s buddy Nihad Awad at a pro-Hamas rally with a hezballah flag in the crowd . Khan’s name was also listed as among the muslims at the CAIR USA meeting in DC as was Nihad Awad.
    The CBC NEVER demanded that Khan come back on TV and explain why she never told them her org was funding terrorism . The RCMP don’t even care and nor did the NDP that was close to CAIR and employed as hamas supporter .