A new troubling trend for international students coming to Canada

“Oh study is so expensive here,” said one. Another girl said, “Maybe for you, but I’m not even paying a dime!”

The other girls were surprised. “How is that?” asked the first girl.

As the girl explained, there was a family in India whose son badly wanted to emigrate to Canada. They did everything, but no luck. But this girl was a bright student and easily qualified for a student visa.

“So we made the deal,” she explained. “They pay all my expenses, from airline fare to the college fees, books… right down to my boarding and lodging, and all my living expenses in Canada. In return, we’ll get the boy to Canada by proving that we are married.”

  • Observer

    Fake marriages for migration purposes have been a booming industry for at least two decades in Canada.

    There are many cases of Canadians getting paid to marry a third-world prostitute who think it is a quick buck for someone they will never have to meet more than once, only to find out years later they have been served with papers for child and spousal support for a spouse they never had sex with.

  • Ed

    The Haitians must be roaring with laughter at all these complicated schemes.

    Just walk across! Cops standing ready to take your suitcases.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Why isn’t Justin putting an end to this discrimination and providing Canadian government subsidies for foreign students?

    • Observer

      Historically, many countries that did receive foreign aid from Canada then used the money to pay their students to attend Canadian universities to displace Canadian students in STEM courses.

      Now they seem to be expanding it to Public Administration and Political Science courses so they can remain here as future Canadian bureaucrats or Canadian politicians.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I like it. It’s like California deciding that illegals get free healthcare. Only legal residents have to pay.

  • P_F

    People from retrogressive & failed culture will only bring regression & failure to Canada, no matter how they enter; skilled labour, student. TFW, refugee their only long term contribution would be turning Canada into the same hell hole they crawled out from.

  • It’s just money.

  • Chickenpoop

    Friend of mine is a screener for these types of applications. From what I understand they are pretty thorough in these investigations, it’s hard to fake a relationship to immigration. I’ve met some brits and Americans trying to get citizenship through marriage and it seems pretty complicated even in legitimate situations.

    • John Boy

      And how do you prove it is an arranged marriage and not a real one. So if it’s so complicated give us all the details about why it is so supposedly hard?

      • ntt1

        there are lots of questions like what color the spouses tooth brush is, intimate questions that a contract marriage deal would not be able to supply.

      • Chickenpoop

        Proof that the couple has resided together, or even ever lived in the same country at the same time, interview both parties, ask private questions.

        I’ve never had to deal with immigration I’ve just talked to people that told me how long the process takes, 2 yrs or more, fees, deadlines, interviews, I just don’t think they are handing citizenship out at the border.

        Some immigrant groups are fastracked like gov’t sponsored Syrian refugees I think.

  • Lightstream

    Canada is the laughingstock of the world. Stinking politicians!