Why does YouTube think MLK’s views are supremacist?

Last week, YouTube restricted access to a Capital Research Center video, apparently for the dangerous idea it promotes: The universal brotherhood and sisterhood of mankind.

The video, which I wrote, produced, and narrated, was placed in “limited content mode,” blocking it from view in the United Kingdom and 27 other countries.

In the countries where it could still be viewed — such as the U.S. — the video is locked behind a warning message. It cannot attract likes or comments. Advertising on it is forbidden. The Google-owned YouTube blacklists videos like mine after manual review if they are confirmed to contain “inflammatory religious or supremacist content.” So, what monstrosity could I have possibly created?

  • Watchman

    “Why Does YouTube Think MLK’s Views Are Supremacist?”
    If I had to guess I would say that it’s because he said that people should not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. By demanding everyone meet identical standards as to their character that automatically makes him racist and affirmative action was developed so that black people would not have to suffer under this white character privilege.

  • Frances

    I know it’s popular to dis MLK and to emphasize his flaws, but his vision of the future he wanted for his children was spot-on. We’re all of us flawed, and I prefer to remember his vision rather than dwell on his faults.

  • bob e

    Yes he quoted powerful ideas after he finished ravaging 5 women at a time
    like an animal. Content of his character was put on hold till his needs were
    sated ..