Top Spook Looks Back to 2016

Donald Trump’s reaction to an intelligence community that overplayed its hand turns out to be understandable.

Michael Morell, former acting head of the CIA, became a political animal in August 2016 when he endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. This month, he came to grips with the consequences of that decision — that it might have played into President Donald Trump’s distrust of the intelligence community.

It is possible, he told the Review Journal, “I played a role in that.”

Back to last year. In an opinion piece in the New York Times, Morell not only endorsed Clinton, he also warned that, to the eyes of an intelligence analyst, candidate Trump could be considered “an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation” whom Russian President Vladimir Putin had coopted by playing to Trump’s demanding ego.

  • simus1

    The very politically inclined heads of overbuilt money flush government depts, all the way down to their lowest ranked “managers”, seem to have plenty of “spare time” to devote to political infighting and careerism. Perhaps being official members of another additional unelected new senate or two would help clarify their function for a quizzical public.