Quebec Mandatory Sex Education Leaves Some Parents Ready To Fight

The courses next September will be mandatory for about one million students and the information will be taught during regular subjects such as French or mathematics.

  • Editor

    Education ministries and teachers unions across Canada have been redefining the primary school curriculum for decades. I remember getting into heated discussions at PTA meetings in the early 90s when the teachers proudly proclaimed their job was to mold “little citizens”. They didn’t take too kindly to my opinion this was my job and they should stick to the three Rs and maybe some geography.

    • Felix_Culpa

      Earlier than the 1990s, my friend! Parents *ought* to be outraged en masse by this. But they won’t be. Actually, parents are, on the whole, quite OK with this garbage: look at Ontario where only a few hundred parents have come out complaining. The rest were fine with teaching kids in elementary school flagrantly immoral stuff. Proof positive that our society has already gone over the cliff quite some time ago.