Pamela Geller speaking in Toronto on Dec 17 2017

Pamela Geller spoke in Toronto on Dec 17 2017 at a dinner hosted by the JDL.

Video is a bit rough, for which I apologize, done on the fly at dinner.

It was a good event, well attended by an enthusiastic crowd. Tomorrows event with Pamela and Ezra Levant will be twice as good.

  • Gary

    Trudeau’s Somali muslim Immigration Minister made it clear that he misses the crap-hole he crawled out of and want FGM in canada while the pakistani MP misses her $hit-hole she crawled out of and wants M-103 because it will morph into the Sharia blasphemy laws.
    The islamists used taqiyyah to get into our Political system to impose sharia by stealth.
    Justin even wanteed to have canada be sharia complaint and close down parliament on Friday’s so the mulsim MP’s can go to the mosque AND get paid for a 5 day week.
    The quran teaches sloth which is why many of the 1990’s Somali’s are still on welfare and coach their son s to do jihad in canada.

    • We need to end immigration from the Ummah.

      • Gary

        Ezra did a video review of Ahmed Hussen when he was a promising Muslim refugee success story telling his community that they need to embrace Canada as better than any islamic nation.
        Oh well ….I had hope for him for fight Justin’s open door policy for any of the 1.5 billion muslims to come to canada non vetted for what they thought were good values.
        I have 3 sisters and will NOT tolerate this 8th century somali muslims wanting to butcher there daughters and grand daughters by importing his barbaric death-cult practices to feel right at home as he he never left that swamp or rape and pedophilia.
        My father and Mother served in WW2 from 1942-45 while he left the farm
        with 3 brothers to enlist in Montreal .
        Justin’s dad was more than willing to sit out the war and let the poor send that son off to die for his freedom and Liberal values. That bastard actually defended Hitler and the Nazi in the 1930’s in the same Quebec where my father grew up under the jack boots of the french catholics .
        Being North American native background….my fathers family had to live off the land and were only afforded an education up to grade 8 to keep those drunken indians stupid as cheap labour .
        My father and two of his brothers move to Ontario for work and all three had Labour job .

        This is why i get sick of Blacks and Muslim parachuting into canada and demanded $60,000.00 a year government jobs because they are the only ones on earth suffering from racism in canada.
        It never existed in canada until it happened to Muslims or Blacks , but STATS Canada showed how only 7% of the Blacks in canada were here before 1970’s… how the hell did Barbara Hall allow Black immigrants and refugees to hijack Civil Rights and get TTC jobs and be Cops fate just a few years in canada while it’s the White male heterosexual canadians that froze to death in Toronto in january 2015 in Toronto .

        It’s a sick and upside down World where Muslims are now the 2nd largest Faith group in canada but are now getting all the Quota Job via
        Diversity ahead of jews, Buhdist , Hindu;s and sikh.
        I see more Hijabs and islamic head cap on employees at the TTC that sikh Turbans .
        In 40 years a Liberal PM will apologize for Barbara Hall and Bob Rae’s NDP that legalize Apartheid in Ontario based on race, gender and faith ….even if they had good intentions to help lesbians muslims and blacks by oppressing STR8’s, Males and Whites.

  • Morticia

    Thank you for posting this and for filming. A great honour to shake the hands of and meet in person those in the front lines of activism.