Minneapolis To Reduce Police Psych Testing After Screening Out Too Many Minorities

The city of Minneapolis may fire its police psychology evaluator because his tests screened out too many minority candidates, despite already lowering psych evaluations far below the national standard.

h/t Marvin

  • canminuteman

    Psych testing is a joke anyway. Any person of reasonable intelligence can figure out what the right answers are to not come across as insane.

    • Editor

      I think you may inadvertently described the actual problem; ” Any person of reasonable intelligence”.

  • Observer

    They had to do this otherwise none of the “religion of peace” applicants could pass.

    They all have quotas to meet for the sheriffs to get reelected by all the newcomers to the area.

    • Watchman

      How would you like to be involved in a car accident in Minneapolis where it isn’t your fault and a police officer rolls up and the hijabbed driver of the other vehicle suddenly screams out “He just insulted our prophet Muhammad and threatened to kill me!”

      Do you think you’ll get fair and impartial treatment?

      • Editor

        You’d be lucky not to get shot. I hear Minneapolis Police can be quite easily startled.

        • Watchman

          I’m not an Australian women soon to be married, and so I’m safe, but mainly because I’m not currently living in or travelling through Minneapolis.

      • Starlord

        Dash cams with audio and probably body cams in the future. Your scenario is very plausible and I wouldn’t put it past them.

      • Dave

        I already had a traffic cop from the religion of peace watching over a road work crew on a Toronto city street threaten to throw me in jail for putting election literature from a registered candidate into mailboxes.

        He claimed it was illegal spam and an offense and I am sure he didn’t say that for candidates from his party of choice!

        • Liberal Progressive

          Do you have any more details?

          • Dave

            2008 federal election with repaving work on the east side of Jane Street, just south of Annette in 11 Division.

            You don’t forget it when you are minding your own business and a police officer starts yelling in public he is going to throw you in jail, when all you are doing is distributing election literature for a party he clearly did not like.

          • Yo Mama

            They clearly lowered the standards in Toronto too!

          • John Boy

            That’s scary to know it was already happening 9 years ago in Toronto.

            Then to hear here the TPS’s Countering Extremist Violence squad is only concerned about the alt-right and neo-Nazi’s creates concerns that Toronto Police might have been instructed to turn a blind eye to Islamist violence and crimes.

      • Exile1981

        If by fair and impartial you mean a bullet to the head…. then yes.

  • moraywatson

    Diversity is our Unity.

  • Starlord

    They will Probably change to anyone scoring over X is disqualified.

    Now we have chimps with guns. Wait sorry didn’t mean to offend chimpanzees as I love them.

    Now we have…

    • Dave

      Let me clarify: retarded, inbred sand chimps. A subset of the chimpanze family that is worthy of scorn.

  • greenface

    If you have people from the third world sooner or later you end up living in the third world.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Just deputize all Muslims and give them guns. I’m sure it will be fine.

  • Malcolm Y