Journalists advised to pace themselves re fake Trump news

From Jon Gabriel at Ricochet of Ricochet at AZCentral,

One year ago, I counseled Trump’s many detractors to pace themselves. Following Donald Trump’s shock election, the permanent political class had gone through the stages of denial, anger, bargaining, and depression, but the time had come for acceptance.

Twelve months on and acceptance is nowhere to be found. Every news cycle brings another round of hyperventilation – sometimes two or three rounds.

Yes, Trump was and remains a very different sort president, especially following a polished politico like Barack Obama. But, as I said back then, “It’s going to be a long four years, and there will be plenty of real decisions to get outraged about. If you keep losing your mind every time Donald Trump acts like Donald Trump, you’re going to guarantee a long eight years.”

I’m as shocked as you are that the D.C. press corps completely ignored my advice. More.

Reality check: What these legacy media in fact did was go out and solicit a market that wants to freak out with them. Freaking out is easier than adapting to hard realities while the money holds up. With a big enough base, they may survive, but they are all competing against each other…

Will it work? Well, these are strange times. Readers, keep in mind that the new freakout base doesn’t care about the coverage goofs. The goofs merely prove that the legacy media care about the right things.

Still, I am not hearing very many success stories so far, only a few “less failure” stories.

See also: It’s not clear that ABC News’ dud Mike Flynn bombshell is a “mistake” exactly Media that have long since stopped trying to report the news as if they or their readers care much about facts will simply sacrifice the current goat (Brian Ross) and fetch up another one. Eventually, they must hope, one of these stories will click, bring down Trump, and pave the way for a post-media paradise where facts won’t matter and they can all be celebs and opinion leaders again.