Islam vs. Non-Muslims: Doctrinal Sources

Because Islam gets criticized for many things — from hostility to modernity and democracy to calls for theocratic rule, radical “patriarchy,” misogyny, and draconian punishments, to name a few — it is helpful to step back and distinguish between those (many) doctrines that affect Muslim society alone, and those that extend to and affect Western or non-Muslim peoples in general.

On doing this, three interrelated doctrines come into sharp focus. They are: 1) total disavowal from, and enmity for, “the infidel,” that is, constant spiritual or metaphysical hostility against the non-Muslim (in Arabic known as al-wala’ w’al bara, or “loyalty and enmity“); this naturally manifests itself as 2) jihad, that is, physical hostility against and—whenever and wherever possible—attempts to subjugate the non-Muslim); finally, successful jihads lead to 3) dhimmitude, the degrading position of conquered non-Muslims who refuse to forfeit their religious freedom by converting to the victor’s creed.

  • How can one reconcile never taking friends with those who do not believe as one does with peace to all?

    • Tooth&Claw

      Exactly. Why take any of them of friends when they consider themselves above and better than you.

      • The thing is there are people who make friends with anyone. How do they reconcile so backward a policy with their own lives? How can anyone see this a positive in that religion?

        • Tooth&Claw

          Willful ignorance, particularly of history, and willful blindness of events of the day. Perhaps also a soupcon of hope that this follower of Mo, is somehow different.
          The Serbs thought that too, until they were murdered by them,

          • Or maybe people simply couldn’t imagine being killed by their neighbours.

      • Watchman

        Strangely enough the general muslim attitude too: why take any non-muslims as friends when they consider themselves above and better than you, when Allah has already confirmed that muslims are the best of people.

        • Tooth&Claw

          Their only purpose in their friendship is to use you, or convert you.