Finally, some realism about Trump’s Twitter presidency

From Victor Davis Hanson at Townhall,

While the media goes ballistic over Trump’s inflammatory Twitter attacks on “fake news,” the vast majority of Trump’s electronic messaging simply reports on his daily activities and various agendas.

Trump has created a Twitter empire with a reach that far exceeds the combined subscriber base of the New York Times and Washington Post, and he has vastly expanded on Barack Obama’s use of a presidential Twitter feed to connect with voters.

He has 44 million followers.

Almost all of the people who have climbed into the Twitter ring with Trump — from Hillary Clinton to the take-a-knee millionaire National Football League players — have come out on the losing end. More.

Reality check: Of course the media and the deep state may succeed in impeaching Trump by any means available. But they have against them the fact that they don’t seem to have understood some of the ways the world is changing. They assume Trump is failing when he is not, or not particularly.

Hanson thinks Trump should get over Twitter and – on the whole – Hanson is probably right. He may be energizing HasBeen News by keeping the battle going.

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