‘EU is killing Europe’: Far-right leaders call for end to ‘disastrous’ union

Marine Le Pen, Tomio Okamura and Geert Wilders during a conference of the rightwing Europe of Nations and Freedom

The European Union is a “disaster” and a “danger” for Europe that has no place in its future, leaders of far-right European parties said at a gathering in Prague. They also vowed to develop cooperation outside the EU structures.

“Because we love Europe, we accuse the EU of killing Europe,” the leader of the French National Front, Marine Le Pen, told reporters at congress of European right-wing parties in the Czech capital, Prague. She also advocated the establishment of a new sort of union, which she defined as a “Europe of sovereign nations.”

“We are not xenophobes, we are opponents of the European Union,” she said. “I think this is something we have in common, because the European Union is a disastrous organization which is leading our continent to destruction through dilution by drowning it in migrants, by the negation of our respective countries, by the draining of our diversity.”

  • And from the get-go their first joint declaration should be the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Tear the anti-Semitism issue out of the hands of the Soros-type activists right off the bat. Not only sending a message to any fringe neo-Nazis who might see it as an opportunity for a “resurgence”, but to Left activists who will seize it as a false flag opportunity to smear the movement in general. Make it clear that anti-Semitism is not welcome by recognizing Jerusalem.

  • sk6actual

    That girl may have a future in politics … understanding the first clue to disaster is the word ‘union’.

  • Solo712

    Czech media basically ignored the meeting of the Parties for Sovereign Europe except the “mass” demonstration protesting the meeting said to represent “Europe of Fear and Loathing”. There were 300 demonstrators out in the streets in the two days generously covered by the local TV and the German-owned press in the Czech Republic. The Soros groupies (so called Open Society Fund that organized the outings) are however the target of an increasing disdain in the country which is close to 90% opposed to migrants.