Editor Who Bashed The GOP Just Got Fired For Alleged Sexual Harassment

A liberal editor who bashed the GOP just got fired for alleged sexual harassment, according to a Friday report.

Stephen Henderson, the managing director of opinion and commentary at The Detroit Free Press and a Pulitzer Prize Winner, was fired for alleged sexual misconduct, the outlet reported. Henderson is accused of sexual harassment to women over the years following the results of an internal investigation.

  • Ed

    He failed all the advice at the end…


  • ntt1

    If a persons ideology calls for state confiscation of personal assets and collective control over freedoms, then it stands to reason he/she /it will not or cannot respect personal boundaries. to a progressive male all sexuality is collective and up for grabs

  • simus1

    He never converted?
    Big mistake for a “constantly feeling the merchandise” style of shopper.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    And the dog bites back!