Conrad Black: As Trump boldly fires up American success, Canada stumbles along weakly

“Whatever anyone thinks of Donald Trump or his policies, he has drastically deregulated, facilitated increased energy production and reduced petroleum imports (down to a third of the country’s needs and falling steadily), and reinforced the incentive economy; and he is setting out a clear range of policies.”

  • ntt1

    but our idiot in chief has lifted 4 marginally literate goat abusers out of islam induced poverty by giving them an average 10 million each

  • DMB

    Justin has a plan for Canada’s economy. He plans on sending it right down the toilet!

  • Alain

    If only that Canada stumbles along weakly, but the truth is that Canada is rapidly disappearing down the drain thanks to both the Liberals and NDP at the federal and provincial level. The speed of the destruction is mind boggling to say the least. When it comes to the economy it is even worse than Western Europe, but in the on-going population replacement and the islamisation of Canada Western Europe and the UK have nothing on us.

  • simus1

    “stumbles along weakly, weekly, totally tokin’, wacky woke.”

  • Canada is back in the US’ shadow.

    F— Trudeau and his voters.

    • Alain

      We’ll soon be in Mexico’s shadow.