Christie Blatchford: Wilfrid Laurier investigation into Lindsay Shepherd affair complete, but public won’t see report

Shepherd’s sin was to show her class a short clip of a televised debate involving the controversial Jordan Peterson without first denouncing his stance against gender neutral pronouns

  • WalterBannon

    nothing like having transparency in our public institutions

    …shut the place down

  • Literally Hitler

    As transparent as a brick wall. They know the report reveals the university officials to be idiot bullies.

  • Old Guy

    Just three questions.

    (1) What rational Wilfrid Laurier alumni will donate even a red cent to support the University?

    (2) After this what parent in their right mind will send their kid to Wilfrid Laurier?

    (3) Will this be the beginning of the end for post-secondary degrees in SJW studies?

    • Ed

      Simple as that. You keep your fucking report. We’ll keep our money.

      The only way to get some focus over there is to starve them of cash.

  • But … but … transparency!