Turns out the Great Glitter Scare was #FakeScience

Nature has just reported that the two Swedish scientists whose publication has been the basis of the microplastics scare have been found guilty of “misconduct in research” in a paper that they published in Science, which has since been retracted.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Obviously Trump/Russia’s fault

  • Editor

    #Fake Environmental Science! Imagine that. Ideologues pushing an agenda rather than doing true, reproducible, peer-reviewed science. I wonder if they had some kind of graph, a hockey-stick graph maybe, to support their conclusions?

  • Frances

    Isn’t this the case where another researcher called our Ms Lonnstedt on her research? As I remember, the claim was made that Ms Lonnstedt was not actually at the research station during the period she purported to have made the observations.

  • simus1

    Are there just more and more morally hollow people getting on all the gravy trains or are sceptics just leaving our gene pool in disgust ?