Trustee calls for Vancouver school to be renamed after Chinese-Canadian leader

A Vancouver School Board (VSB) trustee wants to see the city’s newest school renamed in honour of a historic Chinese-Canadian leader.

Allan Wong is taking a motion calling for Crosstown Elementary to be renamed after Won Alexander Cumyow to the board next week.

  • canminuteman

    We’re going to regret repealing the Chinese exclusion act.

    • Watchman

      Chinese are great pragmatists and generally fit in well everywhere they go. Maybe not so much this current mainland Chinese generation though.

      • canminuteman

        They fit in well when they are a minority, then when you become the minority it’s up to you to try and fit in.

  • Achmed

    Schools throughout the western world need to be named after the prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah (peace be upon him) as tributes to him and the people of Islam.

    • CodexCoder

      Respectfully, No!

  • tom_billesley

    Grandview/¿Uuqinak’uuh Elementary and Point Grey/stəywəte:n Secondary have dual names. Is an aboriginal name only required of schools with an English name?

    • Watchman

      Sorry, I thought your cat just walked across your keyboard after you wrote the word ‘Grandview’.

    • ntt1

      the indecipherable indian names are the same as art speak, it is designed to exclude most rational people and restrict the membership to those “worth knowing.” salish is a strange sounding Language with lots of glottal stops indicated by inverted 7s If one had the time or the inclination you could get a job as tour announcer on the sea to sky highway buses .

  • Frances

    Why not? There are probably schools named after less worthy individuals.

    • Observer

      Like Dr Norman Bethune Collegiate Institute?

  • ismiselemeas

    The current crop of Chinese Canadians aren’t Canadians.

  • Gary

    And so it continues where Canada gets sliced up in to Minority communities until one day there is a group that dominates to impose their Culture and Language to destroy all the Statues for other faiths and Cultures so Canada is just like the land their ancestor fled for better life.

    islam has NEVER invaded a nation or Peoples to embrace those values and want its followers to be equal.
    Sweden is now becoming like Lebanon which was a peaceful nation and a majority productive Christians .