Suspects Sought After Gay Men Assaulted, Told ‘You Are Not Welcome’ in Multicultural London

Police in Walthamstow have issued e-fit images of suspects wanted in connection with two homophobic assaults on gay men who were told they were “not welcome” in the area.

  • LairdKintyre

    Darn English Fascists. Judging by the police sketch, it was probably White Supremacists

  • simus1

    Isn’t forcible sodomy of infidels by muslims ok in Londonstan ? Hard to keep up.

    • Alain

      In Islam there is no problem as long as you are the “giver” and not the “recipient”.

      • Shebel

        Islam -in Real Estate terms
        Is the LESSOR.
        Everybody else on the Planet.
        Are LESSEES.

  • DMB

    If this happened in Canada Justin Trudeau would apologize to the guy making those remarks if he was identified. It wouldn’t matter if Justin lets in a million gay hating Muslims because Justin owns the gay vote. Especially now that Justin has apologized to gays for past inconveniences and offered them a huge cash settlement (likely going to fund the pride parades). Gays could be thrown off of roof tops to their deaths in Canada by Muslims and the gays will overwhelmingly vote for Justin.

    • Shebel

      which proves that Gays are Mentally Deficient.

    • Gary

      I’ve counted 4 of Justin’s apologies that were because of Liberal PM’s .

      That’s how Liberal govern , so get ready for a Liberal PM in 30 year to apologise for Justin’s F- ups to the dozens of groups he screwed over and all the RAPES from him importing 10th century savages that worship a rapist pedophile.

  • Alain

    There are slow learners and then there are those who refuse to learn: meet the homosexual activist community. They fail to understand that Muslim trumps homosexuals on the diversity/victim scale.

  • John Boy

    Those Asians sure don’t look Korean, Japanese or Chinese to me!

  • Liberal Progressive

    Those suspect images are racist!

    The police need to change them so they are more generic and less stereotypically Middle Eastern.

    End this systemic racism in the police suspect images and demand they all use the same images!

  • mobuyus

    Their uni-brows seem to have migrated to their lower lips.

  • Dave In Guelph

    Look on the bright side, they didn’t hurl them from a roof…yet.