‘No surprise’ if terrorists strike Britain before Christmas” as 20,000 Muslim terrorists roam the streets says former anti-terror chief

A security gate and concrete barriers at Manchester’s Christmas Market serve as a terrible reminder that Muslim settlers are bent on the mass murder of local citizens during the festive season.

‘An attack could happen at any time’: Former anti-terror chief says there should be as he warns 20,000 extremists currently roam our streets

A terrorist attack in Britain over Christmas is likelier than ever as around 20,000 extremists roam the country’s street, a former anti-terror chief has warned.

Chris Phillips, who was once head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, has said there should be ‘no surprise’ if terrorists strike before December 25.

His warning comes after ISIS propaganda threatening to attack Christmas shoppers on Britain’s High Streets.

  • occupant 9

    All barriers to “enrichment” are evidence to the failure of multiculturalism … or to the success of it, if the goal is to undermine peace, safety and security for the host culture.

    • Watchman

      And the people we seem to hearing from are former security chiefs who seem to have been very quiet when they were working for the government, but after this employment is finished they all of a sudden start seeing the danger from islam.

  • ntt1

    hate to say it but ,Bring it on. until there is a sufficient level of outrage the globalist twatwaffles will prevail and continue the destruction of every white built culture in Europe. there needs to be a massive denunciation of the gormless policies that have created the mess.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But think of the diversity and of the falafel!

    Even the Toronto Police Services unit for Countering Extremist Violence almost wholey talk about “alt-right neo-Nazis” as the real threat to us all and about their FOCUS (Further Our Community by United Services) groups to set up any extremists brought to their attention with social workers to prevent them from ever getting violent.

    So see, the police have no concerns about The Religion of Peace and feel they don’t need any preparations for a so-called terrorist attack. I feel safer already!

    • WalterBannon

      the Toronto Police Services are politicized douches, fully infiltrated by SJW and muslim fifth columnists like the rest of the govt, and they are criminally negligent in their malfeasant miss-focus on fake right wing threats and they will share responsibility with the muslim terrorists they ignore for the eventual victims of a successful islamic terror plot