Multiculturalists Working to Undermine Western Civilization

For the past decade, many in the West have been honing a historically unprecedented narrative — one that not only renounces the culture they have inherited but that denies its very existence.

  • robins111

    It was said that some ideas were so absurd that only someone from university could believe them, that thought can be expanded to include absurd ideas believed by Canadian politicians.

    • Canadian Born

      Where is Andrew Scheer on this? He needs to grow pair and go after this moronic PM, before Canada is completely destroyed. If he is elected then he also needs to get Canadian born people, back into the MP’s position, preferably ones that work for Canadians, and not for all the invaders that the Liberal government, has let into this once great country.

      • Shebel

        He is attempting to decide to whether to be a Patrick Brown –
        or a Conservative.
        Take your time ,Andrew.
        Just WIN.

      • P_F

        No foreign born (especially from third world country) should be allowed to represent us in the parliament. They don’t work for canadians, they only work for themselves & their ethnic group.

  • Alain

    Multiculturalism is a weapon being used by the totalitarian globalists. Traditional Western civilisation/culture used to be the biggest roadblock to implement a one world undemocratic government.

  • Shebel

    I still say that Justin is a TRAITOR–

    and a gullible , 2 faced , moronic , prick.

    • Gary

      Once it hit me and I realized he was on the side of ISIS and hates canada…it all made sense for what he does.
      He has one Muslim MP wanting sharia blasphemy laws in Canada…another
      Muslim MP LIED to get her Citizenship and is STILL an MP, then we have the Somali muslims Immigration minister that wants to legalize FGM in canada to feel right at home in the islamic shit-hole he crawled out from .

      All of his Muslim MP’s clapped when Justin said he wouldn’t rescue the Yazidiz girls being raped by their muslims brothers in ISIS .
      These are sick bastards that shouldn’t have been let in just from their quranic views to sanction pedophilia rapes to girls.

    • P_F

      He’s Stupid, Traitor and Evil.

  • Gary

    John Tory just put bollards around City Hall to stop muslims terrorists from running over people with vehicles.
    CUPE members inside have demanded a Metal Detector for weapons and they alos want billet proof glass.

    Hmmmmm… gee, the same CUPE members that benefit from illegals by hiring more $60K a year paper pushed handing out welfare and tell us that illegals make the City safer…..are now getting a taste of Liberalism and DIEverCity .
    Since 1834….i don’t know of any Bollards or bullet proof glass having to be installed at City Hall when the population was the pesky Christians that were protestants and Catholics.
    In fact…i don’t ever remember seeing Cops wit bullet proof vest in the 1960’s -80’s .

    I wonder what changed in Toronto that made all those Christian Canadians become violent and dangerous to use guns to shoot Cops..
    Hmmmm….what might it be?

    • John Boy

      I wonder if those bollards will protect the politicians and bureaucrats from those hired in the Muslim internship program, to put only one group of people into city councillor’s City Hall offices?

      • Gary

        Well, the CUPE inside workers demanded that Metal Detectors be used at the entrance and to have bullet proof glass.

        But this has NOTHING to do with islam .

  • Shebel

    Hey Justin— Guess WHAT?
    I think that you are too Stupid to recognize the YOU–
    And the CBC—
    Are one of reasons— that HATE—
    Is so Popular.
    Please—Go forth and Apologize to whomever —
    Just don’t say –You do it for Canada.
    Cause—- That would be a LIE.