LEVY: Student leader reported to police for anti-Israel hate speech at rally

Islam is a vile and hateful cult.

According to a You Tube video of her remarks, obtained by the Toronto Sun, Nour Alideeb, the current chairperson of the Ontario branch of the Canadian Federation of Students contends that tuition money from the 350,000 university and college students she purports to represent is “going to pay for military resources in Israel to kill children” like her.

As Levy points out the MSM did not report on this or other instances of Muslim hate at the rally. They are racist that way.

  • Reader

    You have to wonder how much of the many millions of dollars in student levies the Canadian Federation of Students member student unions are collecting are being redirected by her and the CFS to Islamist and Marxist groups.

    • Observer

      Each and every year.

      • Reader

        After the next Great Depression and the civil unrest these “activists” will stir up, we need our own Dies Commission to investigate these people and groups and do forensic audits of where all their money has come from and gone to.

        They clearly have their own agendas to undermine Canadian society.

        • It is a mess, thanks Mr. Government.

        • Marvin

          Things are great thanks to the Trudeau government! Besides, budgets balance themselves.

          You are too negative. You need to be positive. And if you don’t correct your negative thinking and posts we might arrange a late night visit by the Young Liberals to help you readjust your wrong thinking.

    • A dollar is too much.

    • WalterBannon


    • Ottawa Eyes

      The problem is that the university and college admissions departments collect those “student union fees” on behalf of these third-parties and if you don’t pay the fees when you pay your tuition, you aren’t considered paid up and aren’t allowed into the classes. So these activist groups use the power and authority of the very willing institutions to collect the money.

      Yes, you can usually opt out of these fees, but the student unions make the process very onerous and inconvenient for busy students to make it difficult to do so.

      It is time to put an end to Canadian universities and colleges collecting “student union fees” for these controversial radical third parties and let them collect it themselves, so that students have a real choice as to whether they want to support these groups, that many students don’t realize they are paying money to.

  • vwVwwVwv

    Soon she will have 6 kids and other problems under her hijab.

  • Dave

    “going to pay for military resources in Israel to kill children” And she says it like its a bad thing.
    The inbreeding is showing.

  • mobuyus

    Was that some sort of wind up wooden Jew that entered the picture at about 2:26?

    • Nick Picker

      That’s her son she had at 9 yr’s old! He just hasn’t aged well.

  • bob e

    her tuition pays for war ?? Look at humpty dumpty’s mooselim
    cousin standing there. Stupid lookin’ psycho in his religious garb.

  • Gary

    Once I realized that Barbra Hall , Premier Wynne , John Tory and the 9 SCOC Judges see muslims as low IQ 10th century savages that can’t be expected to live by western Morals…..it all made sense for why the Police tolerate the Child-abuse , Misogyny , homophobia , death threats , calls for slaughtering all non-muslim canadians , jew-hatred and the 3 pro-sharia mosques in our Public schools .

    October is now Islam awareness Month . So be kind to them and talk slowly as you nod your head each time they say that islam is a religion of peace. If a man is 54 and having sex with a 9 year girl from his mosque… just nod and say it’s good you’re emulating the muhammad.
    Ever since the CBC HQ in Toronto was part of a massive Jihad attack that failed….the CBC now pend OUR tax dollar doing Dawah while it refuses to report any Honour killings or FGM cases being done in private .
    The old Canada died in the 1980’s . What we are seeing in Toronto and canada is what I told people about 23 years ago where the minority group that can out-breed all the others will be the victor to impose their family culture and language , because they NEVER were Canadians or came here to be like us and assimilate .

    Liberalism is a Mental Disorder which the islamsits are exploiting because the proof is how CAIR used Sheema Khan after 9/11/01 fool them that muslims are just another Cultural group suffering bigotry while at the same time
    fooling them that any criticism or unpleasant truth about islam is a Racist
    attack on all muslms and it’s islamophobia.
    In 2014 we saw 2 ISIS inspired Jihad attacks that killed 2 soldier on our soil. One attack was on Parliament and before Justin was the PM and it was when he told us that ISIS had NOTHING to do with muslims or islam.

    Fine….fast forward to the recent return of the MUSLIMS that left Canada to join
    the Islamic State of Isil and Syria ( ISIS ) . Justin Trudeau now claims that anyone opposes these muslim ISIS supports return to canada is an Islamophobe .
    That’s right….the drama teacher got elected by fooling the pot-heads and feminists that he was on their side but now he’s exposed for being on the side of ISIS and the islamofascists in Canada. Even his Somali Muslim Immigration Minister couldn’t keep up his charade where he said what ever it took to get into Politics about how muslims need to embrace canada that is better than any islamic nation . But now Ahmed Hussen talks to women as if he’s back in his hell-hole mosque in Somalia on top of now being exposed for his LIES that he was removing FGM from our Citizenship guide to appease his 10th century wife-beating voters that got him elected.

    Wake-up people. Toronto is about 10 years away from being an ever worse 3rd World hell-hole where the 1.7 million dollar detached brick house will go for under $20,000 .
    Don’t believe me ? Look at Detroit how the $60,000 detached house ( large grassy lots) near the down town and a major Highway can be bought for $500.00 where about $6000.00 in repairs can make it livable .
    Toronto is going broke while the TCHC has about $6 billion in future costs because of the Mayors that put it off to use tax dollar to buy another election .

    No matter what the CBC and STAR say about Rob Ford…… the History books will prove the he was our version of Fiorello La Guardia that stopped the Public Employee corruption in New York City while creating the vast Subway system.
    I don’t miss Pam McConnel or will miss the other Leftists with their scams.

  • WalterBannon

    Canadian Federation of Muslim Douches