Industry Panel Suggests Ways to Better Whitewash Islam and Muslims in Film and TV

An industry panel discussed ways to avoid Muslim stereotypes in film and TV while also offering suggestions to ensure more authentic representations of Islam and Muslims in Hollywood at a recent event presented by the Writers Guild Foundation and the Hollywood Bureau of the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

  • HalcyonDaze

    Let me get this straight. Hollyweird doesn’t want to portray Muslims in a bad light but want to be honest in their portrayal of them. That’s quite the conundrum they’ve got going there because, if they tell the truth they do exactly what they don’t want to do. So, given that Sodom and Gomorrah California has never told the truth in their existence anyone with one iota of intelligence can see how this is going to end.

    • Watchman

      I can see some of the reasoning: 1) People see enough muslim violence when they turn on the news every night (despite the best efforts of the MSM to absolve islam of any responsibility) and sometimes want to escape the horrifying news and probable demographic future, and 2) Hollywood sees a potential 1.6 billion muslims as customers and want to maximise their possible revenues. In contrast there are only 15 million Jews and 25 million North Koreans and so you can see who gets to be made the villains when you consider that the 15 million Jews still pay to watch movies and TV.

  • Watchman

    This has been going on for years, Tom Clancy’s The Sum Of All Fears had the bad guys turn from muslim Palestinians into Nazis who want to somehow take over Europe when it was made into a movie. Even then they still had to get the involvement of Palestinians to supply the lost nuclear bomb.

  • Not all Muslims are violent! There are millions of devout followers of Islam who get up every day and function in society without harming anyone.

    We call them ‘sleeper cells’.

  • bargogx1

    Right, sure, avoiding stereotypes. But then they say this, like it’s a good thing – “new animated series Glitch Techs will feature a multiethnic cast, including a Muslim-American female character who will wear a hijab”.
    Sure sounds like a stereotype to me. In fact, it sounds more like promoting the wearing of the hijab than it does avoiding stereotypes.

  • Blacksmith

    Hollywierd still doesn’t get it do they, the people are fed up with their lies and bullshit, trying to find more ways to lie about pisslam is not what people want.

    • canminuteman

      That’s exactly why the people need to be replaced with other people.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Movies should be sharia compliant. It would wipe out 98% of the content and the power leaders in Hollywood could celebrate the Muslims they love so much

    • Achmed

      Movies should comply with the Shari’a.

      Make Jews and Europeans the villains in every story.

  • Allan

    “authentic representation”. Well, we should see a whole bunch of new movies and TV series with Muslims blowing the shit out of buildings and people. Burning people in cages, and stoning women to death for getting raped. Finally Hollywood is getting it right. (snark).