High-profile Liberal donor found to have swindled millions in immigration scheme

VANCOUVER — In the tightly-knit world of Vancouver’s wealthy Chinese immigrants, Paul Se Hui Oei stood out for his ties to some of Canada’s most powerful politicians and his mastery of cultivating guanxi, or personal relationships, that attracted legions of Chinese clients eager for his assistance in gaining a legal foothold in Canada.

But behind closed doors, the authorities say, Oei, a prominent immigration consultant and philanthropist, ran an elaborate fraud scheme, pocketing millions from investors, including many Chinese citizens led to believe their investment would help them secure permanent residency in Canada.

  • David_Martin
  • Liberal Progressive

    How dare they use his ties to Trudeau as a backdoor criticism.

    Why, Justin is the best politician that money can buy!

  • ontario john

    I guess he won’t be attending the next Trudeau fund raiser. Oh well, lots of other commie Chinese to pad the Liberal Party bank accounts. Its a good thing that everybody in Canada loves little Justin. By the way, that sex scandal in his office has disappeared pretty fast in the media.

    • Liberal Progressive

      Sex scandal? What sex scandal? There is no sex scandal!

      • Observer

        If there is a scandal and the main stream media buries the story, did it ever make a sound?

        • ontario john

          Trudeau will blame Hitler Harper.

  • Observer

    Our immigration policies only encourage fraud.

    • Gary

      I’ve pointed out in the past that in 1984 the Courts ruled on a Tourist that didn’t want to leave but wanted housing , welfare and legal aid.
      A pro-Bono Lawyer argued that the Charter of Rights assure access to all the Social Services for any Minority group . He convinced the Judge that Tourists were a minority group in Canada and that Pierre Trudeau used the word PERSONS and not a Legal Residence .

      Ergo….anyone stepping on Canada’s soil can get welfare and health care as a PERSON visiting among the Minority of tourists.
      But the trick to assure you can stay is to make a Refugee claim as we see for about 1000 Americans a year.

      Those little Travel Shops we see may be raking in big bucks because one of the frauds is to have one person book a vacation but their look alike relative returns on the flight to get in illegally and the person outside Canada just buys a ticket home . That was before the strict Passport rules .

  • Alain

    Why do I suspect that this won’t get the coverage of the price of an orange juice by a Conservative MP in the MSM?