Bangladesh arrests cleric over fatwa against women farming

German farm girl calendar 2014

A Muslim cleric accused of issuing a fatwa banning women from working on farms has been arrested in Bangladesh, police said Wednesday.

The imam and five mosque officials face charges after their announcement prompted locals in the western town of Kumarkhali to try and prevent women from going to work in the fields.

“They took the decision after prayers on Friday, banning women from going out of their homes,” local police chief Abdul Khaleque told AFP.

I didn’t know Bangladesh had women let alone farming.

  • simus1

    Bangla quick sketch:
    There is a hard nosed ruling “good muslim” semi secular government.
    The real “opposition” consists of muslim fanatic criminals whose forbears collaborated with the genocidal war crimes against the population prone Dumpsterstani Army during the War of Independence.

    • Malcolm Y

      Don’t care.

  • Uncommunist

    Nicest Lederhosen I’ve ever seen.

  • Wow! Nice plaid-covered thermos on the bottom left.

    • Blacksmith

      Still took me two tries to find it………

  • Watchman

    I have visited Turkey, 99%+ muslim, and saw only women working in the fields while the men sipped apple tea at tables in town.

    The arrest may have been pure self-preservation by men, who might have to do the farming if the working women are banned.

    • H

      I knew a “secular” muslim woman (she refused to socialize with the muslim community, for one thing, though they were always pressuring her to do so.) Smart, successful, earned twice as much as her husband. And went home everyday after working eight hours and cleaned and cooked for another 3 or 4. That seemed to her a fair deal, I guess. Islam, the feminist ideology.