Trump Hastens Media Meltdown

Few things are better than watching the media weep in despair as President Trump continues to deliver on his promises. One of those things, however, is watching as the intellectually honest among them are forced to admit that he is winning.

  • clownloach

    I wonder what Coke the corporation would say? (beware of this product placement)

  • Gary

    Wow , so now as we watch the Global Warmer scam die a slow death…. diet coke is now going to kill millions and cause a droughts from all the water needed for the 2L bottles.

    News flash to all you young people……..when you hit 60 there will be a pattern in your memory to see the several times for the ” World coming to an end ” crisis that always meant a new Tax or higher Taxes because of the Chilllllldren or some cute animal.
    In the late 1970’s the Government brought in a $100.00 charge for a new car with Air Conditioning to save the Planet because the car used more gas . But by the late 1990’s the FORD V8 Crown Victoria got better mileage on the highway than the 1st generation Pinto that had a 4cyl manual transmission while that Crown Vic could carry 5 adults and luggage .
    The tax on Car Tires was to rescue us by re-cycling them and yet those old tires just pile up in remote farm lands while Government employees keep their jobs and push paper around just like the ECO-Fees on Electronics that went to General revenues .

    There’s more but you get the picture.
    There is NO pollution crisis for Celebrities and Politicians that Jet around the Globe and enjoy being on a huge yacht using 5 gallons per mile of Diesel fuel .
    As for the Anti-Gun people in power….they have Security teams with guns that will blow your head off in a heartbeat if you are perceived as a threat.

    • clownloach


    • ECM

      I’m with everything you said, except that the “we’re all gonna die crowd” is so over-the-top that if you don’t see this pattern by the time you’re 40, you’re suffering severe brain damage.

  • tom_billesley
  • simus1

    Gee, ladies, let’s see the two of you each down a dozen cans of Diet Coke.
    Walk the walk babes, Make it work. Show us.

  • ontario john

    And they sell Coke in Russia!! Obvious connection! Trump is a Russian spy!!