Think the Alabama result has derailed Donald Trump? Think again

Pundits are furiously assessing the broader consequences of the Democrats’ upset Senate victory in Alabama on Tuesday, but there is less there than meets the eye. True, the Republican Senate majority now hangs by a thread, forcing even harder fights for every legislative victory.

Nonetheless, Republican chances for major gains in November 2018, perhaps six or seven Senate seats, remain strong. Moreover, Democrat 
Al Franken is resigning his seat any day now because of sexual misconduct charges, bringing another totally unexpected Republican opportunity.

Of course, any statewide Democratic victory in Alabama is stunning, but there were also stunning reasons for it. Republican Roy Moore was a flawed candidate even before allegations of sexual misconduct emerged – and he still lost by just one percentage point.

  • Dana Garcia

    The Alabama result was a one-off weirdness of a unique series of circumstances.

    However, I hope that it suggests to the President that removing an outstanding senator to serve in the cabinet is a really bad idea — meaning Sen. Tom Cotton, the last remaining immigration patriot in the Senate.

  • Martin B

    John McCain needs to kick the bucket now.