Sometimes there’s only one side to a story…

From the Spotted at Mac FB page: Thoughts on this? I think to understand the root of this issue, let’s hear from both sides of this story to make a fair and balanced judgement.

OK. One side, comprised of hate filled Muslims, wants to kill Jews and Whites. The other side rightly regards them as equivalent to the Nazi scum they idolize. There ya go, Fair and Balanced.

Do read the comments at the FB link above. Some are eye rolling – a “moderate” Muslim chastising his fellow Mohammedan haters still can’t help but compare Zionists to ISIS. Fact is these McMaster students are merely expressing openly held beliefs common throughout the Muslim community, anybody who pretends to be shocked by this “revelation” is lying.

That these students haven’t been thrown out of McMaster speaks to the soft bigotry of low expectations that the Liberal-Left applies to Muslims. Any white-bread kid calling for the Murder of Muslims on a Canadian university campus would have merited a week of MSM headlines and tearful apologies from PM Useful Idiot Vote Whore. To date the MSM has not touched this scandal. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t an isolated incident found only at McMaster. Check out Canary Mission’s web site, search on Canada and or Canadian universities. Ryerson would be a good place to start.

A final thought. These “students” are the best and brightest Islam has to offer Canada. They are privileged to attend a highly regarded university in a country that welcomed them and or their parents. In return each is doing their utmost to repay that debt by enriching our mosaic of diversity as only Islam can. Ain’t multiculturalism grand?