“Mark is pretty multi-cultural in the friends that he made”

Multicultural Overload… It’s Real.

  • simus1

    The “story” seems to have missed the most interesting point about Nathan Phillips Square being named. There was a movement at the time to name it after the genius Finnish architect whose life and health had pretty much been ruined making the project into a reality.
    Nate decided it was a better idea to name it after himself.

    • Cheesey move!

    • canminuteman

      New City Hall is a travesty of a building. It exemplifies everything that is wrong with modern architecture. It has a huge footprint compared to the amount of usable space it envelops and it only has windows on one side. Who would think it was a good idea to have a building like that with windows on only one side? To think that they almost destroyed old city hall – which is one of Toronto’s architectural jewels – after they build this eyesore. I would like to think that a hundred years from now New City Hall will be long gone, and the old City Hall will still be with us.

  • Gary

    On Wednesday I heard a radio host reflect on their parents coming to Canada.
    They must not have paid attention to Toronto in the last 35 years because their sob story was how this Hosts Mother was denied a job in the 1950’s because she was a Catholic.

    Good luck getting any job in Toronto as a heterosexual white catholic women unless you’re pro-abortion and support Hamas as a jew-hater.
    The CRTC and HRC must inflict such a psychological fear on people in the Media that they are forced to promote islam as a religion of peace that respects women,gays and Jews .
    Toronto offers services in over 100 languages while the Police “diversity” is only for hiring because each Cop gets parachuted among THEIR people and can work for 20 years and NEVER learn Tolerance for the other 50+ Nationalities and 100+ languages on top of the 50 shades of Brown and the list of Religions.

    Trudeau said that we are a nation of Communities . The old Canada is dead folks because the RCMP and CSIS doesn’t care that Trudeau’s Shia Muslim MP from Iran LIED to get her Citizenship and had told Obama that she fled Afghanistan by donkey and then a camel to fly to Canada and rise up to be an MP one day .

    We now have a devout muslim Somali as the Immigration Minister that told us how Trudeau doesn’t know what’s going on about the FGM being removed from the Guide for newcomers that warns them it’s a crime.
    Toronto is 10 years away from being a 3rd world $hit-hole because John Tory just caught on to the true islam and he had Concrete Barriers put away Nathan Phillip Square to stop muslims from running over people with a car or truck . The debt is now over $5 billion and racing to $6 billion as a sanctuary City giving Welfare to 300,000+ illegals.

    Once Toronto falls…. the rest of canada goes down because a huge black of MP seats are there as well a MPP seats. Ottawa is mostly Gov employees that push paper all day while Parliament is pigs at the trough too stupid to see that they bought Votes from the same people that will hang them .

  • Killer Marmot

    The word “schizophrenia” is difficult to avoid here. He should definitely go for a psychiatric evaluation. It might even save his legal career.

  • Waffle

    Something not quite kosher about this story. Why is the wife smiling?